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2016 Global Private Banking Report – Scorpio Partnership

LONDON – Scorpio Partnership released the latest edition of the Global Private Banking Benchmark Report:

The Top 5 Global Private Banks are:

Global Ranking Private Bank AUM 2015
1 UBS $1.73 Trillion
2 Bank of America Merrill Lynch $1.44 Trillion
3 Morgan Stanley $1.43 Trillion
4 Credit Suisse $687 Billion
5 Royal Bank of Canada $620 Billion


No. 1 Top 25 Private Banks Worldwide by Assets Under Management (AUM):

Top 25 Private Banks Global AUM Scorpiopartnership


No. 2 The Global Private Banking 2016 Operating Model Infographics

Key Summaries (Comparing 2015 to 2014):

  • AUM fell 1%
  • Net New Money fell 6.9%
  • Operating Profits increased by 0.6%
  • Operating Income increased by 0.5%
  • Operating Expenses increased by 1.4%
  • Cost to Income improved from 81.4% to 80.0%

Global Private Banking Benchmark 2016 Infographics Scorpiopartnership


About Scorpio Partnership

Scorpio Partnership is a London-based strategy and research specialist focused on the global wealth management industry and the HNW client journey. In addition to its industry benchmarking, Scorpio Partnership’s unparalleled insight into the market is based on over 75,000 interviews with millionaires and billionaires and 12,500 professional advisors across 35 global wealth centres.

The Scorpio Partnership Global Private Banking Benchmark is the leading analysis of the international wealth management market from strategists Scorpio Partnership. This year’s report includes data based on results from over 200 private banks and subsidiaries around the world with total assets under management of USD15.5 trillion. Overall, the wealth management industry is estimated to manage USD19.6 trillion in private client assets.

Scorpio Partnership was acquired by Aon in 2014.  The report is available for purchase directly from Scorpio Partnership. For more information please visit our website


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