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The Largest Investment Managers in 2016 

Which are the largest funds in the world? Fund Management?  Sovereign Wealth Funds? Hedge Funds? Private Equity Funds?

Caproasia Online brings to you the largest Investment Managers in 2016.  Find out which Investment Manager has the largest AUM:

No. 4 Top 5 Hedge Funds – $411 Billion

In 2016, the 5 largest Hedge Funds managed a combined $411 billion. Hedge Fund Bridgewater Associates remains the run-away leader with AUM topping $161 billion, almost twice the AUM of AQR Capital Management in second place with $84 billion.  Blackstone, founded in 1990 is third at $70 billion AUM.

Man Group and Renaissance Technologies round up the top 5 Hedge Funds with $55 billion and $41 billion respectively.

Rank Hedge Funds HQ Founded in AUM (USD)
1 Bridgewater Associates United States 1975 $161 Billion
2 AQR Capital Management United States 1998 $84 Billion
3 Blackstone United States 1990 $70 Billion
4 Man Group United Kingdom 1983 $55 Billion
5 Renaissance Technologies United States 1982 $41 Billion

Source: Preqin


No. 3 Top 5 Private Equity – $658 Billion


Founded in 1990, Apollo Global Management is the largest Private Equity firm in 2016 with $196 billion.  On second and third place are The Carlyle Group with $158 billion and KKR with $129 billion.

On 4th and 5th are Blackstone and Bain Capital with $100 billion and $75 billion AUM.

The top 5 Private Equity firms in 2016 are all headquartered and founded in United States, in the period between 1976 – 1990.  Combined, the top 5 firms managed $658 billion in AUM.

Rank Private Equity HQ Founded in AUM (USD)
1 Apollo Global Management United States 1990 $196 Billion
2 The Carlyle Group United States 1987 $158 Billion
3 KKR United States 1976 $129 Billion
4 Blackstone United States 1985 $100 Billion
5 Bain Capital United States 1984 $75 Billion

Source: Caproasia Institute


No. 2 Top 5 Sovereign Wealth Funds – $6.6 Trillion

The top 5 Sovereign Wealth Funds managed a combined $6.6 trillion.  The largest Sovereign Wealth Fund (SWF) in 2016 is Social Security Trust Fund, United States with $2.8 trillion.  It is founded in 1935.

Government Pension Investment Fund, Japan is the only other SWF with more than $1 trillion AUM at $1.3 trillion AUM.

On third place is oil-rich Norway’s Government Pension Fund with 902 billion AUM.  Rounding up the 4th and 5th ranked is China Investment Corporation, founded in 2007 with $813 billion and Abu Dhabi Investment Authority with $792 billion.

Rank Sovereign Wealth Funds HQ Founded in AUM (USD)
1 Social Security Trust Fund United States 1935 $2.8 Trillion
2 Government Pension Investment Fund Japan 2001 $1.3 Trillion
3 Government Pension Fund- Global Norway 1990 $902 Billion
4 China Investment Corporation China 2007 $813 Billion
5 Abu Dhabi Investment Authority UAE 1976 $792 Billion

Source: Caproasia Institute


No. 1 Top 5 Asset Management Firms – $15.5 Trillion

The top 5 Asset Management firms in 2016 all managed more than a trillion AUM each.  Asset Management is the top investment managers sector as they managed $15.5 trillion AUM collectively, far more than the combined top 5 of Hedge Funds, Private Equity Funds and Sovereign Wealth Funds of $7.6 trillion.

BlackRock, the largest Asset Manager alone manages $5.1 trillion.  The world’s 2nd largest asset manager is Vanguard with $3.9 trillion.

State Street Global Advisors, Fidelity Investments and Allianz Group are third, fourth and fifth respectively with AUM of $2.4 trillion, $2.1 trillion and $2 trillion respectively.

Rank Asset Management HQ Founded in AUM (USD)
1 BlackRock United States 1988 $5.1 Trillion
2 Vanguard United States 1975 $3.9 Trillion
3 State Street Global Advisers United States 1978 $2.4 Trillion
4 Fidelity Investments United States 1946 $2.1 Trillion
5 Allianz Group Germany 1890 $2.0 Trillion

Source: Caproasia Institute

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