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Global Private Banks Managed $21.1 Trillion AUM in 2016

The total private banking market is estimated to be $21.1 trillion in 2016, according to the 2017 Global Private Banking Benchmark Report released by Scorpio Partnership.

” Top 25 Largest Private Banks managed $13.3 trillion AUM “

The top 25 largest private banks globally managed $13.3 trillion of AUM.  The largest private bank is UBS with AUM of $2.06 trillion.

China’s private banks made notable presence on the list with China Merchant Bank adding over CNY 400 billion in the year 2016.  It is ranked 15th place on the list.  Another Chinese private bank, Bank of China entered the ranking at 24th place, managing over CNY 1 trillion of AUM.   More …


Top 5 Private Banks (2016)

Global Ranking Private Bank AUM 2016 (USD)
1 UBS $2.06 Trillion
2 Bank of America Merrill Lynch $1.97 Trillion
3 Morgan Stanley $1.95 Trillion
4 Wells Fargo $922 Billion
5 Royal Bank of Canada $791 Billion


Source: Official Press Release

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