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Wealth-X University UHNW Alumni Rankings 2017

Wealth-X UHNW Alumni Report 2017
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Wealth-X University UHNW Alumni Rankings 2017 

Wealth-X presents the University Ultra High Net Worth Alumni Rankings 2017, a new study that ranks global universities by the number of their alumni with a net worth of $30 million or more.  The report also uncovers key demographics about these alumni populations, including their total net worth, allowing fundraisers to understand the true major gifts potential of these individuals.


The University Ultra High Net Worth Alumni Rankings Report 2017 includes:

  • The Global Top 20 Universities by UHNW Alumni – including six of the eight Ivy League universities
  • UHNW Alumni Source of Wealth, Gender and Origin Distribution – revealing key demographics of the UHNW alumni populations from top institutions around the world
  • Top 10 Billionaire Alumni Ranking – comprising the US universities with the highest population of the world’s wealthiest individuals
  • Top 20 Non-US Universities by UHNW Alumni Ranking – uncovering the largest ultra-wealthy alumni populations from universities outside of the US

” Stanford UHNW alumni have the highest average net worth of US$263 million “

This new report reveals the actual number of ultra-wealthy individuals known to hold a degree from each university, as well as a projected estimate based on alumni per region and Wealth-X’s UHNW geographic knowledge.


Key findings from the report include:

  • On average, 23% of the UHNW alumni population’s wealth has international origins
  • Only one of the global top 20 are non-US universities
  • Harvard University tops the list with the highest UHNW alumni population and total net worth for its UHNW alumni
  • The University of Virginia is the highest ranked public university and also had the lowest proportion of international UHNW alumni
  • Stanford UHNW alumni have the highest average net worth of US$263 million
  • Gender representation is highly skewed with male dominance at all institutions in the report. In almost all cases, this characteristic is even more pronounced than the male-female ratio in the UHNW population as a whole
  • At 18%, the National University of Singapore has the highest female representation on the list
  • INSEAD has the lowest female representation at 1.3%, but the most diverse international constituent group
  • Wealth source analysis shows the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad has the highest percentage of self-made UHNW alumni at 95%
  • University of Mumbai has the highest percentage of UHNW alumni who have inherited their wealth at 29%

Download The 2017 Global UHNW Alumni Report:

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