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(20th – 26th Mar 2017)

No. 1 BNY Mellon Investment Management Partners with Maybank Asset Management 

BNY Mellon Investment Management and Maybank Asset Management Group Berhad has announced the launch of BNY Mellon Asia Rising Starts Fund.

The fund will combine the expertise of BNY Mellon Japan small cap and the Maybank Asia ex- Japan small cap teams. Learn More …


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No. 2 CEOs of Aberdeen Asset Management and Standard Life to Share Same Role

Both companies have announced how their chief executives will share the same role in the future.

Martin Gilbert of Aberdeen Asset Management will focus on client relations and marketing. Keith Skeoch of Standard Life will focus on running operations and investments. Learn More …


No. 3 OCBC to Establish Private Banking Unit in Indonesia

OCBC’s Indonesia unit is setting up a private banking business. PT Bank OCBC NISP is now awaiting approval from Indonesia’s financial services authority, OJK before setting up its private bank.

This move comes as the tax amnesty has prompted individuals to report $338 billion in undeclared funds and hence the demand for more wealth management products is rising. Learn More …


No. 4 UOB Asset Management Partners with T. Rowe Price

UOB Asset Management has partnered with T. Rowe Price International Ltd to offer retail investors in Singapore the chance to tap into long term growth from technology and innovation.

Under the partnership, UOB Asset Management will invest in T. Rowe Price’s Global Technology Equity Strategy through the United Global Technology Fund. Learn More …

No. 5 Falcon Private Bank Posts Loss for 2016 

Falcon Private Bank has posted a 130 million loss in 2016.  This loss came on efforts to cut risk and costs from the closure of its Singapore branch due to its poor anti-money laundering controls in connection with 1MDB.

The owner of Falcon Private Bank, Middle Eastern investment firm Aabar Investments has granted a capital contribution to compensate the loss and increase its capital base. Learn More …


No. 6 UBS to Charge Private Clients for Euro Deposits

UBS will start charging private clients for their euro deposits. Clients will now have to pay 0.6% on euro-denominated accounts of more than 1 million euros starting from 1st May.

Previously charges were levied at institutional investors only. Learn More …


No. 7 Eastspring Investments and Kasikorn Asset Management to Co-manage Fund in Thailand

Eastspring Investments and Thailand’s Kasikorn Asset Management will jointly manage a new bond fund in Thailand that invests in investment grade Asian debt.

Eastspring managers will be focused on investing in a portfolio of Asian ex-Thailand local  currency bonds and investment grade debt while Thai fixed income portion of the fund will be managed by Kasikorn. Learn More …


No. 8 Three Singapore Based Hedge Funds Give Up Old Fee Model

Three Singapore based hedge funds are moving away from from the old fee model known as the 2-and-20 model.

Kit Trading Fund, Noviscient and Gordian Capital Singapore Pte Ltd, all based in Singapore are the firms that are starting to do away with the 2% management fee and 20% of all profits. Learn More …


No. 9 Barclays Falls Foul of Australian Regulator

Australia Securities & Investment Commission has accepted enforceable undertakings from Barclays entities. An enforceable undertaking is an alternative to prosecution and allows the offender to undertake tasks to settle the case.

They had failed to disclose to clients that they are exempt from holding an Australian Financial Services Licence and was regulated by a relevant overseas regulatory authority which differ from Australian laws. Learn More …


No. 10 UOB Receives Preliminary Approval to Set Up a Foreign Owned Subsidiary Bank in Vietnam

UOB became the first Singapore bank to receive a preliminary approval from the State Bank of Vietnam to set up a foreign owned subsidiary bank.

Under the licence, the Bank will be able to expand its branch network in Vietnam. Learn More …


Credits: finews asia, UOB Press Release, ASIC Press Release, CNBC, Financial Times, BBCBloomberg, Asia Asset

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