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2017 Taiwan Top 50 Richest

The top 50 richest people in Taiwan in 2017 have a combined estimated net worth of more than $123.92 Billion, in the Forbes report released in 2018.

Daniel and Richard Tsai, who run Fubon Financial (financial investment holding company), top the list with an estimated net worth of $10 billion. Terry Gou, who is the founder and Chairman of Foxconn (multinational electronics contract manufacturing company), is 2nd on the list with $9.5 billion. Tsai brothers, who lead Cathay Financial Holding, are 3rd on the list with $7.2 billion.

Tsai Eng-Meng, Chairman of Want Want (snack food company, largest rice cake and flavored drinks maker in Taiwan), and Lin Yu-Ling, Hong Tai Group (Taiwan real estate) rounded up the top 5 richest people in Taiwan with $6 billion and $5.6 billion respectively.


Top 5 Richest in Taiwan:

RankNameNet Worth (USD)AgeSourceCompany
1Daniel and Richard Tsai$10 BfinanceFubon Financial
2Terry Gou$9.5 B67electronicsFoxconn
3Tsai brothers$7.2 BfinanceCathay Financial Holding
4Tsai Eng-Meng$6 B61food, beveragesWant Want
5Lin Yu-Ling$5.6 B81real estateHong Tai Group


Taiwan’s Richest Fast Facts:

The Richest: Daniel and Richard Tsai with $10 Billion, Fubon Financial

Singapore Early Development
Singapore Early Development

Top 50 Total Net Worth: $123.92 Billion

The Average Age: 69.8 Years Old

The Oldest Age: 92 Years Old ($3.8 Billion, Luo Jye, Cheng Shin Rubber – 9th largest tire company in the world)

The Youngest Age: 47 Years Old ($1.44 Billion, Howard Nien, Norman Shutters – a window-blind manufacturing company)


2017 Taiwan Top 50 Richest:

RankNameNet worth (USD)AgeSourceCompany
1Daniel and Richard Tsai$10 BfinanceFubon Financial
2Terry Gou$9.5 B67electronicsFoxconn
3Tsai brothers$7.2 BfinanceCathay Financial Holding
4Tsai Eng-Meng$6 B61food, beveragesWant Want
5Lin Yu-Ling$5.6 B81real estateHong Tai Group
6Wang Family$5.4 BplasticsFormosa Plastics Group
7Wei brothers$5.3 BfoodTingyi, Dicos
8Barry Lam$4.2 B69electronicsQuanta Computer
9Jason & Richard Chang$4 BsemiconductorsASE
10Luo Jye$3.8 B92tiresCheng Shin Rubber
11Samuel Yin$3.1 B67diversifiedRuentex Financial Group
12Allen Horng$3 B59electronicsCatcher Technology
13Scott Lin$2.7 Boptical componentsLargan Precision
14Nelson Chang & Koo family$2.5 Bcement, hotelsKoo’s Taiwan Cement
15Tony Chen$2.2 B49eletronicsChannel Factory
16T.Y. Tsai$2.15 BfinanceCathay Life Insurance
17Pierre Chen$2.1 B60art, electronicsYageo Corporation
18Chin Jong Hwa$2 B60auto partsMinth
19Hsu Chen$1.9 B66foodHsu Fu Chi
20Chen Yung-Tai$1.85 B82real estateAurora Group
21Koo Family$1.8 BfinanceCTBC Financial Holding, CDF
22Tsai Chi-Jui$1.75 B78shoesPou Chen
23Liao Long-shing$1.7 B65petrochemicalsChang Chun Group
24Lin Shu-Hong$1.7 B89petrochemicalsChang Chun Group
25Tseng Shin-yi$1.7 B90petrochemicalsChang Chun Group
26Wang Ren-sheng$1.6 B83retailDennis Group
27Liu Ko-chen$1.51 B64ManufacturingAdvantec
28Lin Ming-Cheng$1.5 B75financeHua Nan Financial Holdings
29Chao Teng-hsiung$1.48 B74real estateFarglory Land
30Wang Chou-hsiong$1.46 BfootwearFeng Tay Enterprise
31Chang Family$1.45 BtransportationChang Yung Fa
32Howard Nien$1.44 B47window coveringsNorman Shutters
33Bruce Cheng$1.43 B82electronicsTaiwan Delta
34Lin Ming-hsiung$1.4 B68supermarketsPxmart
35Thomas Wu$1.3 B68financeTaishin Financial Holdings
36Archie Hwang$1.25 BsemiconductorsHermes-Microvision
37Shi Wen-long$1.23 B90plasticsChi Mei Corporation
38Tsai Ming-Kai$1.2 B68semiconductorsMediaTek
39Andre Koo$1.16 B51FinanceChailease Holding
40Douglas Hsu$1.15 B75diversifiedFar Eastern Group
41Eugene Wu$1.12 B73financeShin Kong Financial
42Kenneth Yen$1.1 B53autosChina Motor, Yulon Motor
43Tei-Fu Chen$1.05 B70food, cosmeticsSunrider
44Peter Shu$1.04 B64electronicsTranscend Information
45Wu Chung-yi$1.03 B59manufacturingFine Blanking
46Hou Bo-ming$1.01 B63foodUni-President Enterprises
47Duncan Wang$1 B48diversifiedUnited Daily News Group
48Lee Tien-tsai$970 M80beveragesKing Car Group
49Rudy Ma$960 M78financeYuanta Family
50Morris Chang$930 M86semiconductorsTaiwan Semiconductor


*Data 28th June 2017

Source: Caproasia Institute, Forbes


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