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2017 Australia Top 50 Richest

The top 50 richest people in Australia in 2017 have a combined estimated net worth of more than $122.14 billion, in the Forbes report released in 2018.

Gina Rinehart top the list with an estimated net worth of $16.6 billion, with key holdings in Hancock Prospecting, a leading Australian mining and agricultural Company. Harry Triguboff, founder of Meriton Australia’s largest apartment developer and the country’s biggest residential home builder, is 2nd on the list with $9.9 billion. Anthony Pratt, Executive Chairman of Visy Industries  (paper, packaging & recycling company) and Pratt Industries (the world’s largest privately owned packaging and paper company), is 3rd on the list with $5.8 billion.

Frank Lowy, Westfield Corporation (Australian-based British-American shopping center company) and Bianca Rinehart, Gina Rinehart’s daughter and a trustee of the Hope Margaret Hancock Trust, rounded up the top 5 richest people in Australia with $5.7 billion and $5 billion respectively.


Top 5 Richest in Australia:

RankNameNet Worth (USD)AgeSourceCompany
1Gina Rinehart$16.6 B64miningHancock Prospecting
2Harry Triguboff$9.9 B85real estateMeriton
3Anthony Pratt$5.8 B58manufacturingVisy Industries
4Frank Lowy$5.7 B87shopping mallsWestfield Corporation
5Bianca Rinehart$5 B41miningHope Margaret Hancock Trust


Australia’s Richest Fast Facts:

Rising Asia

The Richest: Gina Rinehart with $16.6 Billion, Hancock Prospecting Blair (2016: Parry-Okeden with $8.8 Billion, Cox Enterprises)

Top 50 Total Net Worth: $122.14 Billion (2016: $83.3 Billion)

The Average Age: 68.9 Years Old (2016: 69.5 Years Old)

The Oldest Age: 95 Years Old ($2.35 Billion, Stanley Perron, Perron Group – a property investor and automotive distributor)

The Youngest Age: 38 Years Old ($3.4 Billion, Mike Cannon-Brookes, Atlassian – a Software developer company), ($3.4 Billion, Scott Farquhar, Atlassian)


2017 Australia Top 50 Richest:

RankNameNet worth (USD)AgeSourceCompany
1Gina Rinehart$16.6 B64miningHancock Prospecting
2Harry Triguboff$9.9 B85real estateMeriton
3Anthony Pratt$5.8 B58manufacturingVisy Industries
4Frank Lowy$5.7 B87shopping mallsWestfield Corporation
5Bianca Rinehart$5 B41miningHope Margaret Hancock Trust
6Andrew Forrest$4.4 B56miningFortescue Metals Group
7John Gandel$4.1 B83shopping mallsChadstone
8James Packer$3.7 B50casinosCrown Resorts
9Lindsay Fox$3.5 B81logistics, real estateLinfox
10Mike Cannon-Brookes$3.4 B38softwareAtlassian
11Scott Farquhar$3.4 B38softwareAtlassian
12Fiona Geminder$2.9 B53manufacturingPact Group
13John, Alan & Bruce Wilson$2.7 BretailingReece
14Kerry Stokes$2.6 B77industrial equipment, mediaSeven Group Holdings
15Stanley Perron$2.35 B95real estate, retailPerron Group
16Lang Walker$2.31 B72real estateWalker Corp.
17Michael Hintze$2.3 B64investmentCQS
18Heloise Pratt$2.2 B55manufacturing, investmentThorney Investments
19David Hains$2.1 B87InvestmentPortland House Group
20Maurice Alter$2 B93real estatePacific Group
21Tony & Ron Perich$1.85 Bagriculture/real estateGreenfields
22Jack Cowin$1.8 B75fast foodHungry Jack’s
23Angela Bennett$1.7 B74miningWright Prospecting
24Kerr Neilson$1.62 B68investmentPlatinum Asset Management
25Gerry Harvey$1.6 B78retailHarvey Norman Holdings
26Judith Neilson$1.5 B72investmentsWhite Rabbit Gallery
27Manny Stul$1.45 B69toysMoose Toys
28Bob Ell$1.4 B73real estateLeda Holdings
29Nigel Austin$1.36 B47retailingCotton On Group
30David Teoh$1.32 B62telecomsTPG Telecom
31Solomon Lew$1.3 B73retailPremier Investments
32Len Ainsworth$1.27 B94betting machinesAristocrat Leisure
33Richard White$1.25 B63softwareWiseTech Global
34Brett Blundy$1.23 B58retail, agribusinessBB Retail Capital
35John Van Lieshout$1.2 B72real estateUnison Projects Group
36Alan Rydge$1.15 B65entertainmentEvent Hospitality & Entertainment
37Gretel Packer$1.1 B52casinosCrown Resorts, Packer Family Foundation
38Terry Snow$1.07 B74airports, real estateCapital Airport Group
39Sam Tarascio$1 B73real estateSalta Properties
40Paul Little$980 M70logistics, real estateToll Holdings
41John Kahlbetzer$950 M87agribusinessTwynam Agricultural Group
42Bruce Mathieson$910 M74hotelsAustralian Leisure & Hospitality
43Maha Sinnathamby$900 M78real estateSpringfield Land Corp.
44Con Makris$800 M71real estateMakris Group
45Ralph Sarich$780 M79real estateCape Bouvard Investments
46Graham Turner$770 M68travelFlight Centre Travel Group
47Russell Withers$760 M71Food & Beverage7-eleven
48Richard Smith$750 M77food distributionPFD Food Services
49Tim Roberts$710 M47contruction & aviationMultiplex, AvWest
50Chris Thomas$700 M68food processingThomas Foods International


*Data released 1st November 2017

Source: Caproasia Institute, Forbes


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