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2017 Korea Top 50 Richest

The top 50 richest people in Korea in 2017 have a combined estimated net worth of more than $132.45 billion, in the Forbes report released in 2018.

Lee Kun-Hee, who is the Chairman of Samsung, top the list with an estimated net worth of $20.6 billion. Seo Jung-Jin, who is CEO of Celltrion (Korea’s largest biotech company), is 2nd on the list with $11 billion. Jae Y. Lee, Vice Chairman of Samsung, is 3rd on the list with $7.9 billion.

Suh Kyung-Bae, the Chairman of AmorePacific Corporation (Korea’s largest beauty & health company) and Kim Jung-Ju, the co-founder of Nexon (global video game company), rounded up the top 5 richest people in Korea with $7.6 billion and $7.1 billion respectively.


Top 5 Richest in Korea:

RankNameNet Worth (USD)AgeSourceCompany
1Lee Kun-Hee$20.6 B76electronicsSamsung
2Seo Jung-Jin$11 B60biotechCelltrion
3Jae Y. Lee$7.9 B49electronicsSamsung
4Suh Kyung-Bae$7.6 B55cosmeticsAmorepacific
5Kim Jung-Ju$7.1 B50online gamesNEXON


Korea’s Richest Fast Facts:

The Richest: Lee Kun-Hee with $20.6 Billion, Samsung

Singapore Early Development
Singapore Early Development

Top 50 Total Net Worth: $132.45 Billion

The Average Age: 58.9 Years Old

The Oldest Age: 80 Years Old ($4.9 Billion, Chung Mong-Koo, Hyundai Motor Group – Korea’s second-biggest family-owned conglomerate | $960 Million Co Yang-Rai, Hankook Tire Co. – Korea’s largest tire manufacturer | $880 Million, Lee Sang-Il – Iljin Global – manufacturer of motor vehicle parts)

The Youngest Age: 38 Years Old ($1.05 Billion, Kim Dae-Il, Pearl Abyss – a game developer based in Korea)


2017 Korea Top 50 Richest:

RankNameNet worth (USD)AgeSourceCompany
1Lee Kun-Hee$20.6 B76electronicsSamsung C&T
2Seo Jung-Jin$11 B60biotechCelltrion
3Jae Y. Lee$7.9 B49electronicsSamsung Electronics
4Suh Kyung-Bae$7.6 B55cosmeticsAmorepacific
5Kim Jung-Ju$7.1 B50online gamesNEXON
6Chung Mong-Koo$4.9 B80motor vehiclesHyundai Motor
7Chey Tae-Won$4.7 B57IT, telecomSK Holdings
8Kwon Hyuk-Bin$4.3 B44online gamesSmilegate Holdings
9Bang Jun-Hyuk$2.9 B50online gamingNetmarble
10Lim Sung-Ki$2.85 B78pharmaceuticalsHanmi Holdings
11Park Yeon-Cha$2.75 B72sneakersTaekwang Industrial
12Chung Eui-Sun$2.7 B47logisticsHyundai Motor
13Kim Beom-Su$2.6 B52online servicesKakao
14Shin Chang-Jae$2.3 B64insuranceKyobo Life Insurance
15Lee Myung-Hee$2.25 B74retailShinsegae
16Lee Boo-Jin$2.05 B47computer services, tourismSamsung C&T
17Park Hyeon-Joo$2 B59mutual fundsMirae Asset
18Lee Jay-Hyun$1.95 B58food products, entertainmentCJ Corporation
19Lee Seo-Hyun$1.9 B44computer services, tourismSamsung C&T
20Lee Joong-Keun$1.8 B77construction, real estateBooyoung Group
21Kim Jun-Ki$1.65 B73diversifiedDb Insurance
22Lee Ho-Jin$1.55 B55diversifiedTaekwang Industrial
23Chang Pyung-Soon$1.54 B67educational servicesKyowon Group
24Kim Taek-Jin$1.53 B51online gamesNCSOFT Corporation
25Chey Ki-Won$1.5 B53computer services, telecomSK Holdings
26Chung Yong-Jin$1.49 B49retailShinsegae
27Hur Young-In$1.47 B69bakeries, fast foodParis-Croissant Food
28Cho Jung-Ho$1.42 B59financeMeritz Financial Group
29Chung Mong-Joon$1.4 B66shipbuilding, industrial machinesHyundai Heavy Industries
30Lee Hwa-Kyung$1.3 B62snack foodsOrion Holdings
31Kim Nam-Jung$1.26 B45foodDongwon
32Shin Dong-Guk$1.2 B68PharmaceuticalsHanyang Precision
33Shin Dong-Bin$1.19 B63retailLotte Shopping
34Koo Bon-Sik$1.18 B59electronics/household productsHeesung
35Lee Joon-Ho$1.17 B53online gamesNHN Entertainment
36Kenny Park$1.16 B63handbag manufacturingSimone Accessory
37Koo Bon-Neung$1.15 B69electronicsHeesung Electronics
38Shin Dong-Joo$1.12 B64retailLotte Shopping
39Hong Seok-Joh$1.1 B65convenience storesBGF Retail
40Lee Sang-Hyuk$1.08 B47investmentsYello Mobile
41Cho Hyun-Joon$1.07 B50diversifiedHyosung
42Kim Dae-Il$1.05 B38mobile gamingPearl Abyss
43Michael Kim$1.04 B54InvestmentMBK Partners
44Kim Nam-Goo$1.02 B54InvestmentKorea Investment Holdings
45Koo Bon-Joon$1 B66electronics, household productsLG Electronics
46Cho Yang-Rai$960 M80tire manufacturingHankook Tire Co. Ltd.
47Bom Kim$950 M39online retailingCoupang
48Lee Hae-Jin$940 M50InternetNaver
49Sang-Rok Lee$930 M43cosmeticsCarver Korea
50Lee Sang-Il$880 M80car partsIljin Global


*Data 6th June 2018

Source: Caproasia Institute, Forbes


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