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2015 Top 50 Richest List for Singapore & Malaysia

Forbes has published the richest list for 2015 Singapore & Malaysia.  Great talking points with clients.


Singapore Richest Fast Facts:

The Richest: Robert & Philip Ng with $8.7 Billion (Sino Group)

Singapore Early Development
Singapore Early Development

Top 50 Total Net Worth: USD 92.82 Billion

The Average Age: 64.75 Years Old

The Oldest Age: 96 Years Old ($2.3 Billion, Chang Yun Chung, Pacific International Lines)

The Youngest Age: 33 Years Old ($5.4 Billion, Eduardo Saverin, Facebook)


Singapore Top 10 Richest:

RankNameNet Worth USDAgeSourceCompany
1Robert & Philip Ng$8.7 BReal EstateSino Group
2Kwek Leng Beng$7.2 B74Real EstateHong Leong Group Singapore
3Goh Cheng Liang$6.9 B88PaintsWuthelam Holdings
4Khoo Family$6.4 BBankingMaybank
5Wee Cho Yaw$5.5 B86BankingUnited Overseas Bank
6Eduardo Saverin$5.4 B33FacebookFacebook
7Kwee Brothers$5.2 B70Real EstatePontiac Land
8Richard Chandler$2.6 B56InvestmentChandler Corp
9Kuok Khoon Hong$2.6 B65Palm OilWilmar International
10Raj Kumar & Kishin RK$2.4 B61Real EstateRoyal Holdings/RB Capital


The Full List: 2015 Singapore Top 50 Richest



Malaysia Richest Fast Facts:

Robert Kuok. Credits: Forbes
Robert Kuok. Credits: Forbes

The Richest: Robert Kuok with $11.3 Billion (Kuok Group)

Top 50 Total Net Worth: USD 76.22 Billion

The Average Age: 67.68 Years Old

The Oldest Age: 92 Years Old ($380 Million, Chong Chook Yew, Selangor Properties)

The Youngest Age: 39 Years Old ($325 Million, Loh Kian Chong, Oriental Holdings)


Malaysia Top 10 Richest:

RankNameNet Worth USDAgeSourceCompany
1Robert Kuok$11.3 B91DiversifiedKuok Group
2Ananda Krishnan$9.7 B77TelecomMaxis
3Quek Leng Chan$5.6 B74Banking, Real EstateHong Leong Co (Malaysia)
4Lim Kok Thay$5.5 B64CasinosGenting Group
5Teh Hong Piow$5.4 B85BankingPublic Bank
6Lee Shin Cheng$4.6 B76Palm Oil, Real EstateIOI Corp. / IOI Properties
7Yeoh Tiong Lay$3.0 B85Construction, Real EstateYTL Corp.
8Syed Mokhtar AlBukhary$2.9 B63DiversifiedMMC Corp.
9Goh Peng Ooi$1.6 B60SoftwareSilverlake Axis
10Lee Oi Hian & Lee Hau Hian$1.5 BPalm Oil, Chemicals, Real EstateDiversified


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