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#1 Financial News App

This is a must-have app for wealth managers.

Bloomberg is the global leader in financial information services. You get latest news, market information, customised watchlist, videos and radios.

The global financial market replies heavily on Bloomberg Terminals. What you see around is just a tiny fraction of what is going behind the scene. So if you are just getting started or already using Bloomberg Terminals, welcome to being part of the eco-system of Bloomberg.

Swiss Forex

Get in touch with FX 24 hours a day.

For the wealth managers who love Forex trading.

Don’t trade FX? Download it to show you are in touch with the financial market. Separate yourself from your peers as everyone continue to load up on stocks apps.

If you are a serious FX trader, there is nothing better than this free FX app. It has real-time quotes, interactive charts, streaming news. What else do you need?