How to Use

Caproasia Online

1. What is Caproasia Online about?

If you are a personal banker, relationship manager, investment advisor or wealth manager, we are your online friend.  We collect info about banking, investments, wealth, data, insights, career, education, lifestyle and a lot more.

We understand you have your financial sales target to hit. We will be posting sales ideas and strategies that perhaps will give you an advantage in closing that $500,000 investment faster.

There’s many more things to discover.  Do click around.  And if there is something you want to see on the site, do drop an email to

2. Why should we use it?

It saves you time.  Maybe not effectively now as we are still new.  We need your support and feedback to us what may be useful.

3. Who use Caproasia Online?

Wealth Managers from Banks.  Personal Bankers, Relationship Managers, Private Bankers, Investment Advisors, Wealth Advisors and more.  Know more about the job titles here.

There are many valuable content such as quotes, trivial, career, books, movies, industry terms and a lot more.  You can use these to draft last minute proposals or emails, browse at night to watch classic investment movie such as Rouge Trader or catch Leonardo Di Caprio in Wolf of Wall Street (Trailer).

4. Why is there an Asian focus?

Asia is growing quickly.  Being a wealth manager, having access to relevant info is helpful to engage customers better.  For example, likely your customer will be talking about China growth more than US growth.  They will probably prefer holding SGD compared to holding EUR or USD.

5. Why are there missing important data such as Singapore and Hong Kong stocks?

We are still working on many data points.  We are working on this area.

6. There isn’t enough research and content for us to use.  It is bad.

Sorry, we know that.  We are researching and building up the content.  It is an on-going process.  If there is something you want us to put up quickly, we will do our best to research and post it up.

If you have any research content to share, we are more than happy to post it up.  Please email to

7. What is the fee for using Caproasia Online?

It is free.  Caproasia Online is a free-sharing site.  Our objective is to collate data and info points so that we can access useful financial or investment info quickly.

Still, we need your financial support.  You can subscribe a monthly contribution to us or a one-time support.  We will be updating this soon.  Thanks.

8. What else is there?

  • Did you know Michael Bloomberg birthday is on 14th February, Valentine’s Day?
  • The average turnover rate for Personal Banker is 0.9 Years
  • Phones and Electronics in the 1990s caused 80% of floor traders to lose their job
  • Mortgage in French means a “death pledge”
  • You could go to jail for up to 7 years and fines of $250,000 for insider trading in Singapore

Designed for
Wealth Managers
Client Advisors
Private Bankers
Priority Bankers
Personal Bankers
Relationship Managers
Investment Advisors
FX Advisors
Financial Consultants
and many more

More About the Jobs

New to the job?  Have an interest in wealth management? Find out more here:

Getting Started

Going through tons of training classes and regulatory & compliance sessions?  Still can’t connect the info?  Read more to gain a quick overview to get you running faster.

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Quick Overview

Caproasia Online

New Features

  • Data Monitor (Asian Oriented indices, fx and interest rates)
  • Latest (Latest Articles, Most Important Updates)
  • Daily (Sales, Motivation, Ideas to drive financial sales everyday)
  • Intel (Key Economic Indicators, Demographic Profiling etc)
  • Top Lists (What most fellow wealth managers are reading)
  • The Library (Everything you want to find out)
  • Social (Yes, places, travel, gadgets that wealth managers look for)
  • Activities (Tools, Quiz, Surveys)
  • Quick Links (Bloomberg, Investopedia, DBS Bank)

A Personal Banker reaches office at 8 am

  • What do I do today?
  • How do I drive financial sales today?
  • What are they doing in DBS Bank or Citibank?
  • I am so bored.  Bloomberg or Reuters again?
  • Where should I go for coffee?

Daily Page

Visit Daily Page – It provides you with ideas, inspirations, sales tips and practical work that you can do to get your day going.  You can also pick up some sales management ideas to achieve revenue target.


To get a good start to the day.   A good practice is to call 5 customers before you go for a quick coffee or breakfast.  Just a morning call to light up your customer’s day gives you extra motivation to work.  You may end up calling 15 customers and fixing a few appointments for the day or week.


  • Everyday Ideas
  • Daily Tips
  • Motivation
  • Inspiration
  • Sales
  • Rejections
  • Clients
  • People
  • Quotes

Intel Page

Visit Intel Page – It provides you with industry trends, global intel, insights and analytics.  You will now be a step ahead of your peers.

And you save the hassle of using complex Bloomberg or Reuters machine – Since using it doesn’t make investment returns higher. You can now spend quality time with your clients, colleagues, friends and family.


RBA rate is 2.25% while projected global GDP 2015 growth is 3.5%.  It gives you sufficient and meaningful info to start a conversation with your customer.

You will also find that if you are a Private Banker, there are almost 4,000 Private Bankers based in Singapore.  That is strong competition.

Interesting note

If there is a heavy shower today, there is a 28% chance of a appointment cancellation and 60% chance of delay by more than 22 minutes.  You can now manage time better or prevent that delay or cancellation.


  • Intel
  • Insights
  • Analytics
  • Discover