Sales Tools

Email Template

More Tools Coming

  • Compounding Calculator
  • Real Returns Calculator
  • Annuity Calculator
  • Regular Savings Calculator
  • Bond Price Calculator
  • Bond Yield Calculator
  • Stock Valuation Calculator

More Tools Coming

  • Commission Calculator
  • Before and After Switch Calculator
  • Retention Bonus Trade-Off Calculator

Management Tools

  • Email Template
  • Greetings
  • Association
  • Current
  • Opportunity
  • Research
  • Quote / Analytics (Lends Credibility)
  • Scenario
  • Action
  • Follow Up

Reality Check: Got a new job as a RM? What’s next?

  1. How long would you really be staying in this co.?
  2. How long would you really be staying in this job?
  3. If you think you are in a great company, think twice.  Why?
  4. So everything is in place.  Where are your clients?
  5. So you have acquired your clients.  How much money do they have?
  6. Assuming they have ready sums to invest.  Is this the right timing?
  7. Can you trust your house Views?
  8. Can you trust your experts?
  9. Can you trust your clients?
  10. Can you trust yourself?
  11. Should you have accepted the role in the first place?

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