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Top 20 Most Popular Articles in 2016

Read by leading wealth & investment professionals, which are the most followed articles in 2016?  Follow our the top 20 recount:

#20 The Rewind: Private Banks in 2016

Published only in December 2016, it scored a place on the top 20 most popular article in 2016.  If it’s not Private Banking, what’s news?


#19 Top 5 Professionals Who Left Private Banking in 2016

The most watched people in the Private Banking industry.



#18 8 Reasons why Clients prefer to place Money in Deposits than Investments


A battle of cash versus investments.  The biggest headache for money managers, and unintended made it into the top 20 list.


#17 List of Economic Crisis Since 1900 – 2015

Financial Crisis

Every analysts love history, and technical rewinds.  We researched and went back more than a century.  Way before Bloomberg and internet was available.  But didn’t go further than when Reuters was founded.


#16 What Private Bankers Have to Deal With?

International Banker

Tough year for Private Bankers.  Under appreciated, doing almost everything … … managing relationships, advisory, investments, revenue, AUM growth, tax, compliance, trades, administration.  And at risk with regulations and laws everyday.  No surprise for making this list.


#15 List of Sovereign Wealth Funds 2016

Shanghai Pudong City Building

Increasing influence of Sovereign Wealth Funds.  Norway has one, Singapore has one.  Who else?


#14 How do you Develop your Career as a Wealth Manager?

Private Banker Using a Digital Tablet

Is being a Wealth Manager about growing client base and revenue?  Perhaps there is more to it.  Being placed 14th on this list shows the many Wealth & Investment professionals who placed importance on developing their career professionally.


#13 2016 Global Private Banking Report & Scorpio Partnership

Private Banking

Ranking report:  Private Banking and a global one.  Who’s not interested?


#12 The 6 people that make a Strong Wealth Management Team

Private Banking Team

It is expensive to put 6 experts to provide wealth management advice to client.  But if you have $1 Million or $10 Million to be managed, would you settle for less?  Who are the 6?  Probably why it is ranked 12th on this list.


#11 5 Reasons why being a Wealth Manager is one of the Best Job to be in

Offshore Bankers

It is not easy to be a Wealth Manager.  Many struggled in the initial years, some struggled more than a decade.  But it provides perks like no other job.

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Top 20 Most Popular Articles in 2016 – list of articles published in the year 2016

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