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Looking at Bloomberg & Reuters

Bloomberg and Thomson Reuters are 2 of the largest financial information services providers. Almost all leading financial institutions and investment professionals will access Bloomberg or Reuters services via paid services, free online websites or mobile apps.

Popular products from Bloomberg are Bloomberg Terminal, and Bloomberg TV. Reuters is famous for its international news agency and financial news & data services.

Did you know?

Reuters was acquired by Thomson Corporation on 17th April 2008 to form Thomson Reuters Corporation.


Global Market Share in Year 2014

Financial Information Providers Market Share
Bloomberg 31.99%
Thomson Reuters 25.88%
Others 42.12%


Together, Bloomberg & Reuters have a market share of 57.88% for financial information & services in 2014. Other major players include Fact Set, S&P Capital IQ, Morningstar & YCharts.

Source: Burton-Taylor International Consulting report 2015.


About Bloomberg & Thomson Reuters

Bloomberg Thomson Reuters
Founded October 1, 1981 April 17, 2008 (Merger date)
Founders Michael Bloomberg, Thomas Secunda, Duncan MacMillan, Charles Zegar Roy Thomson (The Thomson Corporation), Paul Julius Reuter (Reuters Group)
Country of Founding New York, USA New York, USA (HQ) & Toronto, Canada (Legal)
Number of employees Over 15,500 Over 53,000



In 1981, Michael Bloomberg set up Innovative Market Systems (IMS) with his 3 other partners after taking a $10 million settlement for his equity in Salomon Partners.  In 1983, Merrill Lynch invested $30 Million for a 30% stake to finance the production of Bloomberg Terminals.


Did you know

Michael Bloomberg is worth $36.5 billion.  Forbes 2013 ranked him the 10th richest man in United States and the 13th richest man in the world.

Thomson Reuters

While Thomson Reuters was formed in 2008 with The Thomson Corporation acquiring Reuters Group, their history traced back to 1934 and 1851 respectively.


Bloomberg Terminal & Thomson Reuters Eikon

Bloomberg Terminal Thomson Reuters Eikon
Launched 1983 2011
Rates $2,000-$2,200 per month $300-$1,800 per month
Features 24×7 chat helpline, requires training to fully utilise the terminal’s functions Web-browser format, easy to use
No. of users worldwide Over 325,000 Over 210,000


Bloomberg Terminals and Thomson Reuters Eikon are the leading financial software provider to financial services companies around the world.

Bloomberg Terminal User
Bloomberg Terminal User

Bloomberg Terminal

Bloomberg Terminal is the commonly known financial software & hardware system of Bloomberg.  The proper product name is Bloomberg Professional.  In Bloomberg L.P., almost everything is named after Bloomberg.

  • Bloomberg TV
  • Bloomberg News
  • Bloomberg Magazine

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Thomson Reuters Eikon

Although Thomson Reuters Eikon was only launched in 2011, it had many products originating from the Reuters Group era. By 2014, Thomson Reuters Eikon had acquired more than 210,000 users. Some of the products had been integrated into the new Thomson Reuters Eikon software.  Below is a list of Reuters Group era products:

  • 1987 Equities 2,000
  • 1992 Dealing 2000-2
  • 1994 Business Briefing
  • 1994 Reuters Television
  • 1996 3000 Series
  • 1999 Reuters 3000 Xtra

With the product launch in 2011, Thomson Reuters Eikon have over 210,000 users by 2014.

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Bloomberg News & Reuters News

Bloomberg News Reuters News
Founded 1990 1851
Founders Bloomberg Paul Julius Reuter
Country of Founding New York, USA London, UK


Bloomberg and Thomson Reuters provides free news services.  They are the leading source of financial news & reporting alongside Financial Times, CNBC, CNN & Wall Street Journal.

Visit and for free access.  You can get the latest news, financial news & information, commentaries & analysis, market data and quotes.

All image credits: Bloomberg & Reuters

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