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2016 Singapore Top 50 Richest

The top 50 richest people in Singapore have a combined estimated net-worth of more than USD 80 Billion, in the latest 2016 report by Forbes.

Robert & Philip Ng, who owns Sino Group and Far East Organization, top the list with an estimated net-worth of $8.6 Billion.  Kwek Leng Beng is 2nd on the list with $7.6 Billion, with key holdings in Hong Leong Group and City Development.  Eduardo Saverin, who gave up his United States passport in 2011 to gain Singapore citizenship, is 3rd on the list with $7.2 Billion.

The Khoo Family and and Goh Cheng Liang rounded up the top 5 richest people in Singapore with $6.3 Billion and $5.7 Billion respectively.


Top 5 Richest in Singapore:

RankNameNet Worth USDCompany
1Robert & Philip Ng$8.6 BSino Group, Far East
2Kwek Leng Beng$7.6 BHong Leong Group, City Dev
3Eduardo Saverin$7.2 BFacebook
4Khoo Family$6.3 BDiversified
5Goh Cheng Liang$5.7 BWuthelam Holdings



Singapore’s Richest Fast Facts:

The Richest: Robert & Philip Ng with $8.6 Billion (Sino Group, Far East)

Singapore Early Development
Singapore Early Development

Top 50 Total Net Worth: USD 80.11 Billion

The Average Age: 64.43 Years Old

The Oldest Age: 97 Years Old ($1.65 Billion, Chang Yun Chung, Pacific International Lines)

The Youngest Age: 34 Years Old ($7.2 Billion, Eduardo Saverin, Facebook)


2016 Singapore Top 50 Richest:

RankNameNet Worth USDAgeSourceCompany
1Robert & Philip Ng$8.6 BReal EstateSino Group, Far East
2Kwek Leng Beng$7.6 B75Real EstateHong Leong Group, City Dev
3Eduardo Saverin$7.2 B34MediaFacebook
4Khoo Family$6.3 B56BankingDiversified
5Goh Cheng Liang$5.7 B89PaintsWuthelam Holdings
6Kwee Family$5.4 B71Real EstatePontiac Land Group
7Wee Cho Yaw$4.9 B87BankingUnited Overseas Bank
8Raj Kumar & Kishin RK$2.6 B62Real EstateRoyal Holdings
9Kuok Khoon Hong$2.5 B66Palm OilWilmar International
10Richard Chandler$2.45 B57InvestmentsClermont Group
11Peter Lim$2.4 B63InvestmentsRowsley Limited, Valencia FC
12Ong Beng Seng and Christina Ong$2 B71DiversifiedHotel Properties Limited
13Sam Goi$1.9 B67Frozen foodsTee Yih Jia Foods
14Arvind Tiku$1.8 B46Oil & gas, InvestmentsAt Capital Group
15Lim Oon Kuin$1.75 B72Oil tradingHin Leong Trading
16Choo Chong Ngen$1.7 B63HotelsHotel 81
17Chang Yun Chung$1.65 B97ShippingPacific International Lines
18Tang Wee Kit$1.4 B61RetailC.K. Tang
19Lee Family$1.39 BBankingOCBC
20Zhong Sheng Jian$1.35 B58Real EstateYanlord Land Group Limited
21Asok Kumar Hiranandani$1.3 B61Real EstateRoyal Group Holdings
22Ho Family$1.25 BBankingBanyan Tree Holdings
23Chua Thian Poh$1.2 B68Real EstateHo Bee Group
24Lien Family$1.18 BBankingUnited Overseas Bank
25Tay Family$1.15 BRetail, PropertyMemocorp
26Koh Wee Meng$1.13 B53Real Estate, HotelsFragrance Hotel
27Ron Sim$1.11 B57RetailOsim International
28Oei Hong Leong$1.1 B68InvestmentsSinar Mas Group
29Loo Choon Yong$1.09 B67HealthcareRaffles Medical Group
30Michael Kum$905 M71Hotels Miclyn Holdings, Grandline International
31Peter Fu Chong Cheng$900 MDiversifiedKuo international
32Robert Friedland$865 M65MiningIvanhoe Mines
33Serge Pun$815 M63DiversifiedSerge Pun & Associates Group, Yoma Bank
34Lim Chap Huat$800 M62PropertySoilbuild Construction
35Lim Hock Chee$730 M54RetailSheng Siong Group
36Tan Boy Tee$725 M67ShippingBestford Group
37Cheng Wai Keung$650 M65Real EstateWing Tai Holdings
38Bhupendra Kumar Modi$645 M67TelecomSmart Global
39Kuik Ah Han$625 M70propertySim Lian Group Ltd
40John Chuang$615 M68ChocolatesPetra Foods
41Min-Liang Tan$600 M39GamingRazer Inc
42Shaw Vee Meng$550 M83Shaw Organization
43Koh Wee Seng$545 M47JewelryAspial Corp Ltd
44Ho Kian Guan$542 M70Plantations/Real EstateKeck Seng Group
45Henry Ng$540 M58CementPan-United
46John Lim$520 M60Real EstateARA
47Loi Kai Meng$515 M77LogisticsCWT, C&P
48Primus Cheng$480 M66FoodPrima Food
49Chew Gek Khim$460 M54DiversifiedStraits Trading Company
50William Chua$455 M60TransportationGoldbell


Source: Forbes 2016

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