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The 2016 Forbes Richest List is Out – Are You Going to Do Anything?

While many get excited over who is the richest around the world and in the different countries you are based in or from, most would end up just being able to talk about:

  • Who is the richest?
  • How much he / she has?
  • Which business they are in?
  • And what stocks or business to get into … …

Beyond that, it remains a mere 2 minutes introduction.  For High Net-worth Wealth Managers such as Private Bankers and Family Offices, this piece of news is the vital indicator of their job’s health and future:


No. 1 Investment, Economic & Business Indicators

Billionaires drive capital expenditures, business ideas and employ thousands and hundred of thousands of employees.   Only a handful of businessmen in each country are capable of driving mega projects that goes into billions of dollars.

These are tell-tale signs of where “the wind is blowing.”  High Net-worth Advisors help clients to make new business connections and network whilst managing their personal wealth with prudence.


No. 2 Prospecting the Billionaires to be Your Clients


Many advisors dream of having a number of big clients.  But are the skill-sets to manage $20 Million and $2 Billion the same?

Billionaires have vast network and access to top professionals.  Why would they need your advice?  But more importantly, if you are highly valuable, how do you actually get to them?  How often do they appear in public?  How are you even able to get close to them?


No. 3 Empire and Network

The richest people have businesses and investments everywhere, in the world.  This means they have capable people such as professionals or families running the companies and investments for them.

Do you know who they are?  Do you have the network to get there?  Are you investing in yourself to be there?  Are you reaching out to these people?

Top 5 Richest People in Singapore

RankNameNet Worth (USD)Company
1Robert & Philip Ng$8.6 BSino Group, Far East
2Kwek Leng Beng$7.6 BHong Leong Group, City Dev
3Eduardo Saverin$7.2 BFacebook
4Khoo Family$6.3 BDiversified
5Goh Cheng Liang$5.7 BWuthelam Holdings

Source: Forbes 2016

The Full List here: 2016-singapore-top-50-richest

So after knowing the richest people and how their wealth have changed, do you have a 1 – 3 years plan to get to know them?What if 100 Private Bankers try to get to them?

Who will be the 1 – 3 Private Bankers being able to get their account?

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