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2016 United States of America Top 50 Richest

The top 50 richest people in United States have a combined estimated net-worth of more than USD 1.011 Trillion, in the latest 2016 report by Forbes.

Bill Gates, who owns Microsoft Inc, tops the list with an estimated net-worth of $76 Billion. Warren Buffett is 2nd on the list with $62 Billion, with key holdings in Berkshire Hathaway.  Larry Ellison, Oracle, is 3rd on the list with $47.5 Billion.

Jeff Bezos, Amazon and Charles Koch, diversified business rounded up the top 5 richest people in United States with $47 Billion and $41 Billion respectively.

Top 5 Richest in United States of America:

RankNameNet WorthSource of WealthCompany
1Bill Gates$76 BTechnologyMicrosoft
2Warren Buffett$62 BInvestmentsBerkshire Hathaway
3Larry Ellison$47.5 BTechnologyOracle
4Jeff Bezos$47 BRetailAmazon
5Charles Koch$41 BDiversifiedDiversified


United States of America’s Richest Fast Facts:

Rising Asia

The Richest: Bill Gates with $76 Billion, Microsoft Inc

Top 50 Total Net Worth: USD 1.011 Trillion

The Average Age: 69.14 Years Old

The Oldest Age: 96 Years Old ($18 Billion, Anne Cox Chambers – Cox Enterprises)

The Youngest Age: 32 Years Old ($40.3 Billion, Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook)

2016 United States of America Top 50 Richest:

RankNameNet WorthAgeSource of WealthCompany
1Bill Gates$76 B60TechnologyMicrosoft
2Warren Buffett$62 B85InvestmentsBerkshire Hathaway
3Larry Ellison$47.5 B72TechnologyOracle
4Jeff Bezos$47 B52RetailAmazon
5Charles Koch$41 B80DiversifiedDiversified
6David Koch$41 B76DiversifiedDiversified
7Mark Zuckerberg$40.3 B32TechnologyFacebook
8Michael Bloomberg$38.6 B74TechnologyBloomberg
9Jim Walton$33.7 B68RetailWal-Mart
10Larry Page$33.3 B43TechnologyGoogle
11Sergey Brin$32.6 B42TechnologyGoogle
12Alice Walton$32 B66RetailWal-Mart
13S. Robson Walton$31.7 B71RetailWal-Mart
14Christy Walton$30.2 B67RetailWal-Mart
15Sheldon Adelson$26 B83CasinosLas Vegas Sands Corporation
16George Soros$24.5 B86Hedge FundsSoros Fund Management
17Phil Knight$24.4 B78RetailNike
18Forrest Mars, Jr.$23.4 B85CandyMars, Incorporated,
19Jacqueline Mars$23.4 B76CandyMars, Incorporated,
20John Mars$23.4 B80CandyMars, Incorporated,
21Steve Ballmer$21.6 B60TechnologyMicrosoft
22Carl Icahn$20.5 B80InvestmentsIcahn Enterprises
23Michael Dell$19.1 B51ElectronicsDell
24Laurene Powell Jobs$19.1 B52Technolgy, EntertainmentApple, Disney
25Anne Cox Chambers$18 B96MediaCox Enterprises
26Paul Allen$17.8 B63Technology, InvestmentsMicrosoft
27Len Blavatnik$17.7 B59DiversifiedDiversified
28Charles Ergen$16.4 B63Satellite TvDish Network, EchoStar Communications Corporation
29Ray Dalio$15.3 B67Hedge FundsBridgewater Associates
30Donald Bren$15.2 B84Real EstateIrvine Company
31Abigail Johnson$14.2 B54Money ManagementFidelity
32James Simons$14 B78Hedge FundsRenaissance Technologies Corp
33Thomas Peterffy$13.5 B71Discount BrokerageInteractive Brokers Group
34Elon Musk$13.3 B45TechnolgyTesla Motors
35Patrick Soon-Shiong$12.9 B64PharmaceuticalsNantWorks
36Ronald Perelman$12.5 B73Leveraged BuyoutsMacAndrews & Forbes Incorporated
37Steve Cohen$12 B60Hedge FundsPoint 72 Asset Management
38Rupert Murdoch$11.6 B85Media21st Century Fo
39Stephen Schwarzman$11.6 B69Investments Blackstone Group
40David Tepper$11.6 B58Hedge FundsAppaloosa Management
41John Paulson$11.4 B60Hedge FundsPaulson & Co
42Andrew Beal$11 B63Banks, Real EstateBeal Banks Usa
43Philip Anschutz$10.9 B76InvestmentsDiversified
44Charles Butt$10.7 B78SupermarketsH-E-B
45Donald Newhouse$10.6 B86MediaAdvance Publications
46Samuel Newhouse, Jr.$10.3 B88MediaAdvance Publications
47Jack Taylor$10.1 B93Enterprise Rent-A-CarEnterprise Rent-A-Car
48Eric Schmidt$9.9 B61TechnologyGoogle
49John Menard, Jr.$9.2 B76RetailMenards
50Jim Kennedy$9 B68Media Cox Enterprises


Source: Forbes 2016

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