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Silverdale Bond Fund & India Equity Fund Awarded by AI Hedge Funds

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Silverdale Bond Fund & India Equity Fund Awarded by AI Hedge Funds

Silverdale Bond Fund has been awarded “Best US Dollar Bond Fund ( 3 years)” by AI Hedge Funds, sponsored by Barclay Hedge for its consistent superior risk adjusted returns.

Over the past 3 years, the fund has yielded an average of over 11% per annum.  The fund invests into investment grade US bonds with a duration of about two years.  The Silverdale India Equity Fund was also awarded “Best India Equities Low Volatility Fund ( 3 Years)” for yielding about 15% per annum for the past 3 years.

News Source: Silverdale Press Release


About Silverdale Capital

Silverdale Funds LogoSilverdale Capital holds Capital Market Services (CMS) license for fund management accredited investors (AILFMC) from Monetary Authority of Singapore. The focus is to deliver consistent and attractive risk-adjusted returns within the mandate provided to them. Silver dale advises several awards-winning funds, i.e Silverdale Bond Fund, Silverdale India Equity Fund and Silverdale Bespoke Funds. In addition, it acts as an External Fund Manager to large institutional/accredited investors.

Official Website: www.silverdalegroup.com

News & Media: Press Release

Updated on 8th August 2016


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