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Top 5 Professionals Who Left Private Banking in 2016

The top Private Banking professionals influence billions of assets and financial decisions. They hold strong relationships with clients and have tremendous network to the world’s wealthiest families and institutions.

In 2016, some of the top professionals chose to leave Private Banking.  We look at 5 of the top professionals who left Private Banking in 2016:

#5 Nick Pollard – Coutts Sale Sparks Key Departure

Nick Pollard Photo
Nick Pollard, CFA Institute

Nick Pollard decided to leave banking in 2016. After spending almost 12 years in Coutts, including holding key appointments as CEO Asia and Managing Director of International Learning and Professional Development, he left banking to join CFA Institute.

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He assumed the role of Managing Director, Asia-Pacfic and will be spearheading growth in the region.  Globally, CFA has more than 120,000 holders while the CFA Institute Societies in Asia have more than 23,000 members.

Nick Pollard’s Career:

  • MD International Learning & Professional Development, Coutts International
  • Chief Executive Officier Coutts Asia, RBS
  • Chief Executive Officer Asia, Coutts Bank
  • Managing Director, Coutts and Co

Source: Caproasia Online and CFA Institute


#4 Wendy Sim – Quits HSBC Private Bank after 12 Years

In 2016, Wendy Sim left Private Banking.  She held many senior appointments in HSBC Private Banking over the last 12 years and is one of the industry top leader in Family Wealth, Wealth Structuring and Trust.

In October 2016, she joined Zedra as Managing Director.  In 2016, Zedra, a corporate, trust and fund services provider had also acquired Barclays Trust business.

Wendy’s Career in HSBC Private Bank

  • Head of Family Governance & Family Enterprise Succession South Asia
  • Head of Legacy Wealth Structuring
  • Head of Trust Relationship Management
  • Head of Wealth Planning

Source: Caproasia Online and


#3 Aseem Arora – Bank of Singapore Loses a Gem

Aseem Arora Photo 212x300
Aseem Arora, Silverdale Capital

In 2016, it was confirmed Aseem Arora left banking for good after leaving Bank of Singapore – one of Asia’s fastest growing Private Bank.

With an influential global career in Banking & Wealth Management, Aseem Arora had shaped many new market entry and growth for Citibank, Merrill Lynch and Bank of Singapore, notably in the NRI, Middle East and Asia-Pacific region.

In August 2016, Silverdale Capital, the Fund Manager of award winning Silverdale Bond Fund announced the appointment of Aseem Arora as President of Silverdale Capital.

Aseem Arora’s Career

  • Managing Director & Head-Strategic Initiatives & New Markets, Bank of Singapore
  • Managing Director & Global Head, NRI Markets, Merrill Lynch
  • Area Director, Asia Pacific, NRI Business, Citibank
  • Vice President & Relationship Manager, BNP Paribas Private Banking

Source: Caproasia Online


#2 Alexander Classen – The Queens’ Bank Loses a Prince

Alexander Classen Photo 200x300
Alexander Classen, Bedrock

Alexander Classen left banking after more than 21 years of distinguished senior management career in the world’s top global banks, including Pictet, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley and Coutts International.

In 2016, he joined Bedrock as Managing Partner, a boutique investment and advisory firm in Switzerland.

Alexander Classen’s Career

  • CEO, Coutts International
  • Head PWM EMEA, Morgan Stanley
  • General Manager, Goldman Sachs
  • General Manager Asia-Pacific, Pictet

Source: Caproasia Online and Bedrock


#1 Peter Tung, Valerie Chou and Johan Riddergard – The Eminent Trio from UBS Departs

Founders Of Lioncrest Global 1024x683
Valerie Chou, Peter Tung, Johan Riddergard (left to right), Lioncrest Global

On 11th November 2016, perhaps the highest profile exit in 2016 from UBS Asia-Pacific becomes publicly known. Top UBS Wealth Management bankers, Peter Tung, Valerie Chou and Johan Riddergard departs.

Together, they founded Lioncrest Global, a privately-owned and independent boutique firm, that focuses on serving select institutions, family offices and high-net-worth families and individuals.

Their illustrious background, wealth of experience and the professional setup of Lioncrest Global, sets the gold standard for Wealth Managers and Investment Managers in the wealth advisory business in Asia.

Peter Tung’s Career

  • Head of Ultra High Net-worth for Greater China, UBS
  • Head of Global Family Office for North Asia, UBS
  • Member of Asia-Pacifc Wealth Management Executive Committee, UBS
  • MD, Country Manager for Taiwan & Philippines, Morgan Stanley
  • Member of Asia Management Committee, Morgan Stanley

Valerie Chou’s Career

  • Head of Global Family Office Asia-Pacific, UBS
  • MD and Investor Representative at Morgan Stanley
  • Portfolio Manager, Aetna Investment Management

Johan Riddergard’s Career

  • Head of CEO Office, UBS
  • Head of Pricing Management, UBS
  • Head of Strategy & Business Development, UBS
  • Regional Business Development Officer, Winterthur Life
  • Company Consultant, Mckinsey & Company
  • Member Emerging Markets Financial Institutions Practice, Mckinsey & Company

Source: Caproasia Online and Lioncrest Global


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