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Global Rich List 2017 – Hurun Report

There are 2,257 Billionaires in the world, with 69 new billionaires in 2016.  Hurun Research published the Global Rich List 2017:

“The world today has 5000 dollar billionaires, assuming that for every one we have found we have missed at least one. While some billionaires go to extraordinary lengths to conceal their wealth, for the most part it is that they are discreet and prefer operating under the radar.”

~ Rupert Hoogewerf, Chairman and Chief Researcher of Hurun Report

2016 Fast Facts:

  • 2,257 billionaires ( + 69 billionaires)
  • Total billionaires wealth: $8 Trillion ( 10.7% of Global GDP )
  • Beijing has the most billionaires (by city)
  • Shenzhen overtook London with the most billionaires (4th place)
  • 19 billionaires left the world in 2016

” Beijing has the most billionaires (94) “

Top 10 Richest People:

Bill Gates (Microsoft) is the world’s richest man in 2016 with USD 81 billion.  In 2nd place is Warren Buffet (Berkshire Hathaway) with 78 billion and Jeff Bezos (Amazon) in 3rd place.

” Bill Gates – USD 81 billion “

Of the top 10 richest people in 2016, 80% of them came from United States of America (USA).  Only Amancio Ortega (Zara) and Carlos Slim Helu & Family are non-USA, from Spain and Mexico, respectively.

The youngest billionaire is Mark Zuckerberg, aged 32 in the top 10 list.

2016 Top 10 Richest People:

RankNameNetworth (USD)SourceAgeResidence
1Bill Gates81 BillionMicrosoft61USA
2Warren Buffett78 BillionBerkshire Hathaway86USA
3Jeff Bezos72 BillionAmazon53USA
4Amancio Ortega69 BillionZara80Spain
5Mark Zukerberg58 BillionFacebook32USA
6Larry Ellison48 BillionOracle72USA
7Carlos Slim Helu & Family46 BillionAmerica Movil76Mexico
8David Koch43 BillionKoch Industries76USA
9Charles Koch43 BillionKoch Industries81USA
10Michael Bloomberg42 BillionBloomberg74USA


More: Top 100 Richest People – Hurun Report


Global Billionaires by Country

China has the most billionaires in the world with 609 billionaires, ahead of USA with 552 billionaires.  On third place is Germany with 109 billionaires.

” China has the most Billionaires (609)  “

India, in 4th place, have more than 100 billionaires.  United Kingdom sits on 5th place have 89 billionaires.

Top 10 Most Billionaires by Country:

RankCountryNo of Billionaires
1Greater China609
13South Korea34


Global Billionaires by City

Beijing continued its dominance with the most number of billionaires for the second year running with 94 billionaires.  New York on 2nd place has 86 billionaires while Hong Kong has 72 billionaires.

Beijing (94) Vs New York (86)

Shenzhen, another fast growing China city, is on 4th place with 62 billionaires.  Moscow rounds up the top 5 cities with the most billionaires with 59 billionaires.

RankCityNumber of Billionaires
2New York86
3Hong Kong72
12San Francisco29
13Sao Paulo25
19Los Angeles23



Global Billionaires by Continent

Asia with the largest population size and fast-growing economies led the world with 1,038 billionaires.  The 1,038 Asian billionaires have a combined wealth of USD 2.98 trillion.

” 1,038 Billionaries in Asia “

North America has the 2nd most number of billionaires with 602 billionaires with a combined wealth of USD 2.78 Trillion.  On third place is Europe with 486 billionaires with a combined wealth of USD 1.81 Trillion.

RankContinentNo. of billionairesCombined wealth USD
 1Asia 1,038 2.982 Trillion
 2North America 602 2.785 Trillion
 3Europe 486 1.811 Trillion
 4South America 75 256 Billion
 5Oceania 28 81 Billion
 5Africa 28 79 Billion


New Billionaires in Global Top 100

” 23 New Billionaires in Top 100 List “

The billionaire league is no longer limited to a few.  However, making the Top 100 Billionaire list is extremely competitive.  23 billionaires dropped out from the Top 100 list in 2016 – This also means 23 new billionaires made the Top 100 List.

Who are they?

Top 100 List: 23 New Entrants

 NameNet Worth  USDMain CompanyAgeCountry of Residence
Wang Wei27 BillionSF Express46China
James & Arthur Irving24 BillionIrving Group87Canada
Ding Lei18 BillionNetease46China
Dhanin Chearavanont & family17 BillionCharoen Pokphand Foods77Thailand
Iris Fontbona & family17 BillionQuinenco74Chile
Yao Zhenhua15 BillionBaoneng47China
Harold Hamm15 BillionContinental Resources71USA
Leonid Mikhelson15 BillionNovatek61Russia
Henry Cheng & family15 BillionNew World69China
Francois Pinault & family15 BillionKering80France
Elon Musk14 BillionTesla Motors45USA
Alexey Mordashov14 BillionSeverstal51Russia
Majid Al Futtaim13 BillionMajid Al FuttaimUAE
Takemitsu Takizaki13 BillionKeyence71Japan
Vladimir Lisin13 BillionNovolipetsk Steel60Russia
Joseph Lau13 BillionChinese Estates66China
Alain Wertheimer13 BillionChanel68France
Gerard Wertheimer13 BillionChanel66France
Dietrich Mateschitz12 BillionRed Bull72Austria
Lakshmi N Mittal12 BillionArcelorMittal64UK
Eric Schmidt12 BillionGoogle61USA
Rupert Murdoch12 BillionNews Corp85USA
Lu Zhiqiang & family12 BillionOceanwide65China



Billionaires Who Left in 2016

Many billionaires made their mark not just in being extraordinary wealthy but creating a business empire that hires thousands and hundred of thousands of employees world-wide, creating jobs and feeding families.

” 19 Billionaires Left in 2016 “

Billionaire who left the world in 2016 includes Forrest Mars Jr, who is the grandson of the Founder of Mars Inc with brands that includes the popular Mars bar, Snickers and M&Ms.

In 2016, a total of 19 billionaires left in 2016.

Billionaires Who Left in 2016:

NameNet Worth 2016 (USD)CompanyCountryAge
Gerald Grosvenor15.2 BillionGrosvenorUK63
Carlos Bulgheroni3 BillionBridasArgentina73
Leon Charney1 BillionReal Estate InvestmentsUSA73
Jean Claude Decaux6.2 BillionJC DecauxFrance76
Heinz- George Baus3.7 BillionBauhausGermany80
Francisco Ivens de Sa Dias Branco2.1 BillionM. Dias BrancoBrazil80
Rosa Anna Magno Garavoglia3.2 BillionGruppo CampariItaly82
Gerard Louis-Dreyfus3 BillionLouis-DreyfusUSA82
Tom Perkins7.3 BillionKPCBUSA83
Forrest Mars Jr28 BillionMarsUSA84
Herbert Louis4 BillionS.C Johnson & SonUSA86
Michael Jaharis3 BillionKos PharmaceuticalsUSA86
Miloud Chaabi2.7 BillionYnna HoldingsMorocco86
Bhumibol Adulyadej12 BillionCPB HoldingsThailand87
Curt Engelhorn6.5 BillionBoehringer Manheim and DepuySwitzerland90
Dean White2 BillionWhiteco AdvertisingUSA91
Jack Taylor11 BillionEnterprise Rent A CarUSA92
Brahim Zniber2 BillionBelvedereMorocco94
Erika Pohl-Stroher2.3 BillionWellaSwitzerland95


Richest by Zodiac Sign

Billionaires who are born in the Year of Snake had a great year in 2016, with the most number of billionaires.  The richest man in the world, Bill Gates is born in the Year of Ram (Goat) while Warren Buffet, the 2nd richest man in the world is born in the year of Horse.

” Be a friend with Snake, Horse and Monkey? “

Two Zodiac Signs, Pig and Rabbit did not make the list.

RankZodiac Sign%Richest PersonWealth USD
1Snake9.10%Charles Ergen16 Billion
2Horse9.00%Warren Buffett78 Billion
3Monkey8.90%Larry Ellison48 Billion
4Ox8.70%Bernard Arnault38 Billion
5Rabbit8.60%Jeff Bezos72 Billion
6Ram (Goat)8.50%Bill Gates81 Billion
7Dragon8.30%David Koch43 Billion
8Tiger8.10%Ingvar Kamprad34 Billion
9Dog8.10%Liliane Bettencourt37 Billion
10Rat7.90%Amancio Ortega69 Billion


Zodiac (Chinese): There are 12 animals in the Zodiac sign ~ Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, Pig.


Youngest Billionaires

The youngest billionaires in 2016 all came from USA.  The youngest billionaire is Evan Spiegel, aged 26.  Only 4 billionaires are below 30 years old.

” Only in USA “

Youngest Billionaires:

AgeNameWealth USDMain CompanyCountry of Residence
26Evan Spiegel4.9 BillionSnapchatUSA
27John Collison1.3 BillionStripesUSA
27Bobby Murphy4.9 BillionSnapchatUSA
28Patrick Collison1.3 BillionStripesUSA
32Mark Zuckerberg58 BillionFacebookUSA
32Dustin Moskovitz9.9 BillionFacebookUSA


Source: Hurun Report – Global Rich List 2017

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