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Alliance Bernstein

40Alliance Bernstein

Founders: Zalman Chaim Bernstein (Sanford Bernstein) and William H. Donaldson, Dan W. Lufkin, and Richard H. Jenrette (Alliance Capital)
Founded: 2000 (Acquisition of Sanford Bernstein (founded 1967) by Alliance Capital (founded 1971)
Origin: New York, United States
No. of Employees: 3,436
AUM: USD 504 billion



Allianz Global Investors

39Allianz Global Investors

Founders: Carl von Thieme and Wilhem von Finck (Founders of Allianz SE, the parent company)
Founded: (1890 for Allianz SE)
Origin: Berlin, Germany
No. of Employees: 1,001 – 5,000
AUM: EUR 490 billion



Aviva Global Investors

38Aviva Investors

Founders: Aviva
Founded: 2000 (Merger of asset management businesses of both Morley Fund Management Ltd and Norwich Union Investment Management Ltd)
Origin: London, United Kingdom
No. of Employees: 1,001 – 5,000
AUM: GBP 319 billion



37Amundi Asset Management Singapore

Founders: Crédit Agricole and Société Générale S.A.
Founded: 1989 (Singapore branch)
Origin: Paris, France
No. of Employees: Over 3,800
AUM: EUR 1,276 billion




36Blackrock Investment Management

Founders: Larry Fink, Robert S. Kapito, Susan Wagner, Barbara Novick, Ben Golub, Hugh Frater, Ralph Schlosstein, and Keith Anderson
Founded: 1988
Origin: New York, United States
No. of Employees: 13,000
AUM: USD 5.4 trillion



BNP Paribas Investment Partners

35BNP Paribas Asset Management

Founders: BNP and Paribas
Founded: 1999 (Acquisition of Paribas by BNP)
Origin: Paris, France
No. of Employees: 3,000
AUM: EUR 580 billion




34BNY Mellon Investment Management

Founders: Bank of New York & Mellon Financial Corporation
Founded: 2007 (Merger)
Origin: New York, United States
No. of Employees: 52,000
AUM: USD 1.72 trillion



Capital Group

33Capital Group

Founders: Jonathan Bell Lovelace
Founded: 1931
Origin: Los Angeles, United States
No. of Employees: 7,000
AUM: USD 1.4 trillion



CIMB Principal AM

32CIMB Principal Asset Management

Founders: CIMB and Principal Financial Group
Founded: 1995
Origin: Malaysia
No. of Employees: 40,000
AUM: RM 46.65 billion



31Columbia Threadneedle Investments

Founders: Not Available
Founded: Not Available
Origin: Luxembourg
No. of Employees: 2,000
AUM: USD 467 billion



Deutsche Asset Management

30Deutsche Asset & Wealth Management

Founders: Deutsche Bank Group
Founded: Not Available
Origin: Berlin, Germany
No. of Employees: 4,000
AUM: EUR 723 billion



Eastspring Investments

29Eastspring Investments

Founders: Prudential PLC
Founded: 1994
Origin: London, United Kingdom
No. of Employees: Over 2,500
AUM: USD 146 billion



28Fidelity Investments

Founders: Edward Johnson II
Founded: 1946
Origin: Boston, Massachussets, USA
No. of Employees: 45,000
AUM: USD 2.2 trillion



First State Investments

27First State Investments

Founders: Commonwealth Bank Group
Founded: 1988
Origin: Australia
No. of Employees: 572
AUM: USD 155.4 billion



Franklin Templeton Investments

26Franklin Templeton Investments

Founders: Rupert Johnson Sr.
Founded: 1947, 1992 (Acquisition of a company to form the common name Franklin Templeton)
Origin: New York, United States
No. of Employees: Over 9,200
AUM: USD 741 billion



Fullerton Fund Management

25Fullerton Fund Management

Founders: Temasek Holdings
Founded: 2003
Origin: Singapore
No. of Employees: 51 – 200
AUM: USD 11.8 billion



Hermes Investment Management

24Hermes Investment Management

Founders: BT Pension Scheme
Founded: 1983
Origin: London, United Kingdom
No. of Employees: 425
AUM: GBP 30.8 billion





Founders: H. Lotery & Co. Ltd (Original Name)
Founded: 1935
Origin: United Kingdom
No. of Employees: 6,850
AUM: USD 841.4 billion



HSBC Asset Management

22HSBC Global Asset Management

Founders: Sir Thomas Sutherland
Founded: 1865 (HSBC), 1994 (HSBC Global Asset Management)
Origin: London, United Kingdom
No. of Employees: 2,300
AUM: USD 413.4 billion



Janus Henderson Investors

21Janus Henderson Investors

Founders: Merger between Janus Capital Group and Henderson Global Investors
Founded: 2017 (Merger)
Origin: United States & United Kingdom
No. of Employees: 2,000
AUM: USD 330 billion



JP Morgan Asset Management

20JP Morgan Asset Management

Founders: JP Morgan Chase & Co.
Founded: 2000
Origin: New York City, United States
No. of Employees: 1,300
AUM: USD 1.84 trillion



Legg Mason Asset Management

19Legg Mason Asset Management

Founders: George Mackubin (Legg & Company) and Raymond Mason (Mason & Company)
Founded: 1970 (Acquisition of Mason & Co by Legg & Co)
Origin: Baltimore, United States
No. of Employees: 3,400
AUM: USD 728 billion



Lion Global Investors

18Lion Global Investors

Founders: OCBC Asset Management and Straits Lion Asset Management (Merger)
Founded: 2005
Origin: Singapore
No. of Employees: 150
AUM: USD 31.8 billion



Man Investment Management

17Man Investment Management

Founders: James Man
Founded: 1783
Origin: London, United Kingdom
No. of Employees: 1,257
AUM: USD 88.7 billion



Manulife Asset Management

16Manulife Asset Management

Founders: Manulife and Elliot & Page Limited (Merger)
Founded: 1996
Origin: Toronto, Canada
No. of Employees: 1001 – 5,000
AUM: USD 343 billion



Natixis Asset Management

15Natixis Asset Management

Founders: Natixis Asset Management and Ixis Asset Management (Merger)
Founded: 2007
Origin: Paris, France
No. of Employees: 697
AUM: EUR 895.6 billion



Neuberger Berman

14Neuberger Berman Asset Management

Founders: Roy Neuberger and Robert Berman
Founded: 1939
Origin: New York, United States
No. of Employees: 1,900
AUM: USD 267 billion



13Nikko Asset Management

Founders: Nikko Securities Investment Trust & Management Co., Ltd and Nikko International Capital Management Co., Ltd (Merger)
Founded: 1999
Origin: Japan
No. of Employees: 856
AUM: USD 182.7 billion



12NN Investment Partners

Founders: Merger between NMB Postbank Groep and Nationale-Nederlanden
Founded: 1991
Origin: Amsterdam, Netherlands
No. of Employees: 1,143
AUM: EUR 195 billion



11Old Mutual Asset Management

Founders: John Fairbairn
Founded: 1845
Origin: Cape Town, South Africa
No. of Employees: 64,000
AUM: USD 249.7 billion



Phillip Capital Management

10Phillip Capital Management

Founders: Allied Irish Banks PLC (AIB) and Phillip Securities
Founded: 1994
Origin: Singapore
No. of Employees: 3,000
AUM: USD 1.5 billion



PIMCO Investment Management

9Pimco Investment Management

Founders: Bill Gross, Bill Podlich and Jim Muzzy
Founded: 1971
Origin: California, United States
No. of Employees: 2,150
AUM: USD 1.51 trillion



Pinebridge Investments

8Pinebridge Investments

Founders: Pacific Century Group and AIG Investments (Merger)
Founded: 2010
Origin: New York
No. of Employees: 500 – 1000
AUM: USD 80.3 billion



Russell Investments

7Russell Investments

Founders: Frank Russell
Founded: 1936
Origin: Washington, United States
No. of Employees: Over 1,800
AUM: USD 266 billion



Schroders Asset Management

6Schroders Asset Management

Founders: Johann Friedrich Schröder
Founded: 1804
Origin: London, United Kingdom
No. of Employees: 4,100
AUM: GBP 416.3 billion



5Standard Life Aberdeen

Founders: Standard Life & Aberdeen Asset Management
Founded: 2017 (Merger)
Origin: London, United Kingdom
No. of Employees: 9,000
AUM: GBP 660 billion



T Rowe Price

4T. Rowe Price

Founders: Thomas Rowe Price Jr.
Founded: 1937
Origin: Maryland, United States
No. of Employees: 6,300
AUM: USD 861.6 billion



UBS Asset Management

3UBS Asset Management

Founders: UBS
Founded: 2002 (Consolidation of investment teams)
Origin: Zurich, Switzerland
No. of Employees: 3,600
AUM: CHF 697 billion



2UOB Asset Management

Founders: United Overseas Bank
Founded: 1986
Origin: Singapore
No. of Employees: 51 – 200
AUM: USD 21.8 billion





Founders: John C. Bogle & Wellington Management Company
Founded: 1975
Origin: Pennsylvania, United States
No. of Employees: 15,000
AUM: USD 4.2 trillion

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