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Interbank Rates – November 2019

Caproasia Institute | November 2019

Caproasia Institute releases interbank rates for November 2019.  Data includes the 3 months interbank rate.

The Interbank rates:

  1. LIBOR – London Interbank Offered Rate
  2. EURIBOR – Euro Interbank Offered Rate
  3. GBP LIBOR – British Pounds Sterling London Interbank Offered Rate
  4. JPY LIBOR – Japanese Yen London Interbank Offered Rate
  5. CHF LIBOR – Swiss Franc London Interbank Offered Rate
  6. SIBOR – Singapore Interbank Offered Rate
  7. HIBOR – Hong Kong Interbank Offered Rate
  8. EIBOR* – Emirates Interbank Offered Rate

Interbank rate is the rate at which banks lend to one another.

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Interbank Rates – November 2019

Currency Interbank Rates 3 Mths Rate Date
USD LIBOR 1.9055% 29/11/19
EUR EURIBOR -0.4010% 29/11/19
GBP GBP LIBOR 0.7931% 29/11/19
JPY JPY LIBOR -0.0835% 29/11/19
CHF CHF LIBOR -0.7228% 29/11/19
SGD SIBOR 1.7673% 29/11/19
HKD HIBOR 2.3700% 29/11/19
AED* EIBOR 2.0992% 5/12/19


Source: Caproasia Institute

Updated: 5th December 2019


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Since April 2018, Bank of England has published the Sterling Overnight Indexed Average (SONIA) as the underlying market LIBOR measures is no longer liquid.  The Financial Conduct Authority (UK) has secured panel bank support to continue submitting to LIBOR, but only until 2021. Beyond this date the future of LIBOR is not guaranteed.

The Sterling Overnight Indexed Average (SONIA) measures the rate paid by banks on overnight funds. It is calculated as a trimmed mean of rates paid on overnight unsecured wholesale funds.

The London Interbank Offered Rate (LIBOR) is a measure of the average rate at which banks are willing to borrow wholesale unsecured funds. It is administered by ICE Benchmark Administration.It is calculated based on submissions from selected panel banks and is published in 5 currencies and a range of tenors

EIBOR stands for the Emirates Interbank Offered Rate, which is published by the UAE Central Bank.  (UAE – United Arab Emirates). | The leading financial website for financial professionals, professional investors and HNW investors. Covering capital markets, investments and private wealth in Asia. How do you invest $3 million to $300 million? How do you manage $20 million to $3 billion of assets? Quicklinks: Caproasia Access | TFC | Caproasia | Jobs

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