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New York Stock Exchange Remains Market Leader for IPO in 2020, Raising $81.8 Billion

23rd December 2020 | Hong Kong

New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) remains the market leader and top global exchange for IPO proceeds raised for the year 2020, raising a total of $81.8 billion.  NYSE also executed the biggest IPO of the year for the 8th straight year, with the IPO of Pershing Square Tontine and raising $4 billion.  In 2020, NYSE also listed 6 of the 7 largest technology IPOs of 2020 including DoorDash and Snowflake, the biggest software IPO in history.

” New York Stock Exchange Remains Market leader for IPO in 2020, Raising $81.8 billion “


SPACs, Raising $45.3 billion

New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) also drove significant innovation in SPACs (Special Purpose Acquisition Companies), raising an industry-leading $45.3 billion in SPAC IPO proceeds in 113 transactions.   The $45.3 billion raised in SPAC IPO proceeds, represent 63% of the 2020 total SPAC IPO proceeds, and includes the 6 largest SPAC IPOs for 2020.


New York Stock Exchange Logo


Direct Listing & ETFs – Palantir, Asana, Lufax

NYSE executed two Direct Listings, Palantir and Asana on the same day.  The exchange also executed the largest international IPO in 2020, Lufax.  In 2020, NYSE continued its leading position for Exchanged Traded Funds (ETFs), and listed 158 ETFs with $12.7 billion in Assets under Management (AUM).  NYSE Group host 65% of listed ETFs, representing 75% of total ETF AUM.


2020 Highlights for New York Stock Exchange (NYSE):
  • Leader in IPOs – Raised an industry-leading $81.8 billion in IPO proceeds in 163 transactions during the NYSE’s busiest year for IPOs.
  • SPAC Leadership – Led the industry with 63% of SPAC proceeds, including the 6 largest SPAC IPOs of the year.
  • SPAC Combinations – Listed 14 business combinations with $40 billion in enterprise value including the largest SPAC merger ever, MultiPlan and Churchill Capital III.
  • Direct Listings – Executed 2 Direct Listings on the same day, Palantir and Asana.
  • International IPOs – Executed IPOs from 11 different countries, including the largest international IPO of the year, Lufax.
  • ETFs – Listed 158 ETFs with $12.7 billion in assets under management (AUM)




New York Stock Exchange LogoStacey Cunningham, President, NYSE Group:

“As communities around the world confront the challenging realities of Covid-19, the NYSE and its listed companies have come together to provide critical funds, resources and services to keep the economy moving forward and serve the needs of those affected by the pandemic. Throughout the year, these companies turned to the public markets for both IPOs and follow-on offerings, raising more than $180 billion on our exchange.

We are inspired by the efforts of the NYSE community, medical professionals and first responders during this difficult time and are hopeful that the New Year will bring us widespread access to an effective vaccine and an eventual return to the regular rhythms of everyday life across the world.”


John Tuttle, Vice Chairman and Chief Commercial Officer, NYSE Group:

“Innovation was our focus in 2020, as the pandemic drove the NYSE to nd new ways to serve issuers and investors. The emergence of SPACs and an increased interest in Direct Listings reflected the unique needs of companies this year, and our flexibility to execute IPOs and other transactions in a largely remote environment was critical.  The NYSE’s ability to serve issuers in 2020 speaks to the resilience of our people, our technology and our community as well as the great courage of all those fighting on the front lines of this pandemic.”


New York Stock Exchange Logo
NYSE Group

NYSE Group is a subsidiary of Intercontinental Exchange, a leading operator of global exchanges and clearing houses, and a provider of data and listings services.  NYSE Group’s equity exchanges includes the New York Stock Exchange, NYSE American, NYSE Arca, NYSE Chicago and NYSE National.  NYSE Group trades more U.S. equity volume than any other exchange group.  The NYSE is the premier global venue for capital raising. NYSE Arca Options and NYSE Amex Options are leading equity options exchanges.

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