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About Mizuho Financial Group

Mizuho Financial Group Logo ThumbnailMizuho Financial Group, Inc. (NYSE:MFG) is a bank holding company which manages and engages in ancillary operations related to the management of its legally–owned subsidiaries as defined by the Japanese Banking Act. Founded in 1999 as the result of comprehensive consolidation of three banks (DKB, Fuji, and IBJ), today Mizuho has approximately 118 offices around the world to meet the diverse needs of customers through the three main financial functions: Banking, Trust, and Securities.

  • Origin : Tokyo, Japan
  • Assets : ¥ 193.46 trillion
  • Revenue : ¥ 3.22 trillion
  • Employees : 56,746

Official Website:

News & Media: Press Release


Updated on 15th August 2016


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