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Top 10 Research Publications in 2016

Which country has the fastest growing wealth?  Why is everyone targeting at the wealthiest?  What are billionaires doing? How about the affluent clients?  How about the mass market?  What wealth management services do they need?

” I often remind our analysts that 100% of the information you have about a company represents the past, and 100% of a stock’s valuation depends on the future ”

~ Bill Miller

We review the top 10 Research Publications in 2016 that provides high quality, in-depth and extensive coverage and research for the Wealth Management Industry in Asia.


Global Wealth

#1 Capgemini World Wealth Report 2016

World Wealth Report 2016
World Wealth Report 2016

How did wealth grow in 2015?  Which are the fastest growing countries?  Which country suffered the most in wealth growth rate?

The Capgemini World Wealth Report is the leading and most comprehensive global wealth report.  It is published annually.

About the Report

The World Wealth Report 2016 by Capgemini is the industry’s leading benchmark for tracking high net worth individuals (HNWIs), their wealth, and the global and economic conditions that drive change in the Wealth Management industry.


#2 Wealth-X 2015 to 2016 World Ultra Wealth Report

World Ultra Wealth Report 2015 2016 Official Press Release From Wealth X
World Ultra Wealth Report 2015-2016 Official Press Release from Wealth-X

If you are providing wealth advisory to Ultra High-networth, this is a report not to be missed.

Wait a minute, what is Ultra High-networth?  Who qualifies?  Is it individuals with more than $10 Million or $15 Million?  Ultra High-networth individuals are usually (2016) as having more than $30 Million investible assets.

About the Report

Wealth-X presents the World Ultra Wealth Report 2015-2016 revealing that there are 212,615 ultra high net worth (UHNW) individuals globally, holding a combined wealth of US$30 trillion in net assets.


#3 Wealth-X Report 2015 to 2016 – Billionaire Census

Wealth X Billionaire Concensus Offical Press Release

Do you know there are more than 2,000 billionaires in the world?  Combined, they held almost $7.7 trillion of global wealth.

About the Report

The third edition of this preeminent report indicates that there are 2,473 total billionaires in the world, representing a combined wealth of US$7.7 trillion.  These figures illustrate a 6.4% and 5.4% increase since 2014, respectively.


#4 Wealth-X Report 2016 – Preparing for Tomorrow: A Report on Family Wealth Transfer

Report On Family Wealth Transfer Wealth X And NFP Official Press Release

How old are the world’s wealthiest people today?  How old is Warren Buffett and Li Ka-shing?  Who will they pass on their wealth to?  Who will manage their wealth?

About the Report

“Preparing for Tomorrow: A Report on Family Wealth Transfer” takes an in-depth look at the most pertinent issues and challenges UHNW individuals face when transferring wealth to the next generation.  The report, which was produced by Wealth-X and sponsored by NFP, includes insight and best practices for family wealth transfers and the associated assets of the ultra wealthy.


The Rich List

#5 The Forbes List

The most awaited publication every year.  Who are the richest people in Hong Kong?  In Malaysia?  In Singapore? In Indonesia? In China or United States?

Every year, Forbes produced the exclusive richest list in almost every country.


Private Banking

#6 Rethinking Private Banking in Asia-Pacific: An EY Discussion Paper for Bank Executives

EY Rethinking Private Banking In Asia Pacific 1

Now that you know much about Global Wealth and the Rich, it is now time to craft an optimal strategy.  What do you do?  Should you invest ahead?  How should you create a sustainable Private Banking growth strategy in Asia-Pacific?

About the Report

Poised at the center of the world’s fastest growing and soon-to be largest wealth markets, the potential upside for Asia-Pacific’s private banks and wealth managers is clear. Yet, realizing the exciting potential of the region’s wealth hubs is challenging.


#7 2016 Global Private Banking Report – Scorpio Partnership

After all the research, analysis and summary, if you are in finance – all you might want to find out is: Which is the largest Private Bank in the world?

Find out more in the 2016 Global Private Banking Report.


# 8 Asian Private Banker AUM

Can’t get enough of measuring against your Private Banking peers?  Get more information on Asian Private Banking Assets under Management (AUM) and Relationship Managers (RM) headcount.



#9 Capgemini & Efma: World Insurance Report 2016

Maxresdefault 1024x576


#10 Caproasia Institute

Research 6 2016 1024x682
Caproasia Institute

Ever wonder where research produced by Caproasia Online originate from?

Selected Research


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