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The Rewind: Fund Management in 2016

While trying to spot the next great investment idea or construct an optimal asset allocation strategy, do you know that global managed assets exceeds $50 trillion in 2016?

Who are the biggest Fund Managers in the world?  What is going on in the Fund Management industry?


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We bring to you a quick rewind of Fund Management in 2016:

No. 1 The Start of M&A for Fund Management Firms

In October 2016, the announcement of Henderson Group and Janus Capital to merge shocked the global Fund Management community and investors.

Henderson Group is listed on London Stock Exchange (LSE) while Janus Capital is listed on New York Stock Exchange (NYSE).  The merged asset manager will be renamed as Janus Henderson, managing a combined total AUM of more than $320 Billion.

Just when the year is about to end for 2016, leading European Asset Manager Amundi announced to buy Pioneer Global Asset Management.  With the acquisition, Amundi Asset Management will have a total AUM of more than $1.4 trillion.


No. 2 The Largest Fund Management firms in the World

Investment Photo 1 2016 1024x685

The largest Fund Management firm in the world is BlackRock with more than $4.7 trillion AUM.  Vanguard, UBS, State Street and Fidelity rounded up the top 5 Fund Management firms in the world.

Top 5 Fund Management firms in the World:

Rank Company Country of Origin Founded AUM (US$)
1 BlackRock, Inc United States 1988 $4.7 Trillion
2 Vanguard United States 1975 $3.3 Trillion
3 UBS Global Asset Management Switzerland 2002 $2.7 Trillion
4 State Street Global Advisers United States 1978 $2.2 Trillion
5 Fidelity Investments United States 1946 $2.1 Trillion

Source: Caproasia Institute


No. 3 Fund Management Firms With Strong Presence in Singapore

Singapore City 31 1024x557
Singapore Financial Center

There are 35 Fund Management Firms with a strong presence in Singapore.  Fast growing firms include Amundi Asset Management, Columbia Threadneedle, Fullerton Asset Management and many more … …


No. 4 About Hedge Funds

Investment Photo 2 2016 1024x682

According to a 2015 Singapore Asset Management Survey by Monetary Authority of Singapore, AUM grew to S$119 billion.  Read More: Hedge Fund Assets in Singapore Grew at Slowest Pace in Three Years

Exclusive from The Wealth Insider:


No. 5  The Largest Sovereign Wealth Funds

The world’s largest Sovereign Wealth Fund (SWF) is the Social Security Trust Fund.  It has more than $2.7 Trillion AUM and started in the year 1935, almost 80 years ago.

Top 5 Sovereign Wealth Funds in the World:

Rank Name of Sovereign Wealth Fund Country AUM (US$) Year Started
1 Social Security Trust Fund United States $2.7 Trillion 1935
2 Government Pension Investment Fund Japan $1.3 Trillion 2001
3 Government Pension Fund- Global Norway $862 Billion 1990
4 China Investment Corporation China $746 Billion 2007
5 Abu Dhabi Investment Authority UAE – Abu Dhabi $621 Billion 1976


No. 6 The Changing Landscape of Fund Management in Asia

Investment Photo 6 2016 1024x576

Before the decade long Asian economic boom, there were few options for Wealth & Investment Professionals:

  • Invest in stocks via Brokerages
  • Invest in Bonds via Banks or Direct Purchase
  • Invest in Insurance Policies
  • Invest in Professionally Managed Funds
  • Set up a discretionary portfolio mandate

With the wealth growth in Asia, Fund Management landscape have taken a significant twist.

Wealth Managers, Investment Professionals and Investors are working partnering with the fast-growing models of Multi-Family Offices, External Asset Managers, Private Wealth Management firms and Boutique Investment firms.

Changing Fund Management Landscape:

Established Model Fast-Growing Model
Asset Managers Multi-Family Offices
Fund Managers External Asset Management
Capital Management Private Wealth Management
Investment Management Boutique Investment Firms


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