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Top 10 Most Popular Articles in 2016

Which are the top 10 most popular articles in 2016?  We recap the most-read articles by Wealth & Investment professionals on Caproasia Online:

#10 10 Ways to Deal with a Portfolio Disaster

Banker in Deep Thought

No surprise why this is in the top 10 list.  Portfolio performance is constantly being scrutinised.  And when some investments go out of your expectations or analysis … …


#9 How do you Manage Clients during Financial Crisis & Market Downturn

Investment Committees

If 2016 is a year of political surprises, many investors and investment professionals will inevitably turn cautious.


# 8 The Rich Lists

Private Banking

The must-know for Ultra High Net-worth Providers, Wealth Managers, Private Bankers and Institutional Investors.  Who are the richest in Asia?  The favourite lists?  Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia.


#7 What are the Challenges of an Investment Advisor

Wealth Management Strategy

Managing investments is not easy.  It may take years for results to show, and one night while you are sleeping to destroy it all.


#6 7 Shocking Deals that shake-up Private Banking in Asia

Private Bankers

Private Banks used to be where the world’s richest park most of their assets,  global relevation and competition have caused major changes in the Private Banking industry.


#5 9 Reasons why you became a Wealth Manager or Financial Advisor

Offshore Bankers

The 2 biggest perks of a being a Wealth Manager: Time and Money.  Is that true?  Regardless, ranked No. 5 in popularity in 2016.


#4 5 Dream Jobs of New Graduates in the Financial Industry

Management Associates

Published for students.  For professionals, a flashback to graduation and how your career unfold.


#3 12 Top Career Options for Private Bankers

Private Banker

Where Private Banking used to be a dream career, 2016 uneventful news of Private Banking have sprung up second-thoughts for some.  Regardless, there have always been many career options for Private Bankers … … now that we all know.  Ranked No. 3 in 2016.


#2 List of Global Top 50 Fund Management Firms 2016

Fast Growing Economy

Ever wonder which is the largest Fund Management firm in 2016?  Who are the market-makers?  Which are the firms that have more than a trillion assets?  No surprise why you are in the wealth or investment management … … you love numbers, statistics and data.  Ranked No. 2 in 2016.


#1 List of Independent Financial Advisory Firms in Singapore

Financial Center Singapore

The most popular article on Caproasia Online.  The most viewed and most read in 2016.  It caught us by surprise.

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Top 10 Most Popular Articles in 2016 – list of articles published in the year 2016

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