14 Ways an Economist Says I Love You

If you can understand all 14 ways, you must be pretty good in Economics.


1Way No. 1

Fundamentals: Long/Short, Poetry, Graphs


2Way No. 2

Fundamentals: Credit Risks, Credit Default Swaps, Graphs


3Way No. 3

Fundamentals: Economics Principle, , Efficient Frontier, Adidas Motto


4Way No. 4

Fundamentals: Calendar, Pizza Slices


5Way No. 5

Fundamentals: Consumer Confidence Index, Sentiment Indicators, Line Charts


6Way No. 6

Fundamentals: Marginal Utility, Straight-line Chart


7Way No. 7

Fundamentals: Yahoo Finance, Google Finance, Analysts Recommendation


8Way No. 8

Fundamentals: Notable Economists, People, 360 degree Vision


9Way No. 9

Fundamentals: Elasticity, Quantity Demanded


10Way No. 10

Fundamentals: Resource Allocation, Supply Chain, Bear Market


11Way No. 11

Fundamentals: Interest Rate, Central Bank Rates, Zero-Interest Rate Policy (ZIRP), Perpetual, Infinity


12Way No. 12

Fundamentals: Probability, Game Theory


13Way No. 13

Fundamentals: Monopoly, Competition, Average Total Cost, Marginal Cost, Marginal Revenue, Profit Maximization


14Way No. 14

Fundamentals: Happiness Curve, Consumption Opportunities, Consumption Possibility Frontier, International Trade


Credits: Liz Fosslien


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