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Swiss Tennis Superstar Roger Federer Announces Retirement with $550 Million Personal Fortune, $115 Million from Tennis Winnings & $1 Billion from Brand Endorsements with Credit Suisse, Rolex, Mercedes Benz & Uniqlo

17th September 2022 | Hong Kong

Swiss tennis superstar Roger Federer has announced his retirement at the end of the tennis Laver Cup (Europe vs The World, September 23-25, 2022 at The O2 in London), and will be considered as one of the greatest tennis players of all time and also one of the top earning sportsman with around $550 million personal fortune, including $115 million from tennis winnings & $1 billion from brand endorsements including Credit Suisse, Rolex, Mercedes Benz, Wilson & Uniqlo.  Roger Federer had also been ranked by Forbes in 2011 as the 25th most powerful celebrity and as the highest-earning tennis player off court for nine years straight by Forbes between 2007 and 2015.  The London School of Marketing named Roger Federer as the world’s most marketable sports star in 2015.  Born on 8th August 1981, Roger Federer began playing tennis at age 8, winning 20 Grand Slam titles & 103 career ATP titles, spending a record of 302 weeks at No. 1 and at age 36, becoming the oldest world No. 1.   He also founded the Roger Federer Foundation in 2003, which has invested over 28.5 million in educational programs in Africa & Switzerland, and reaching out to 650,000 children.  Roger Federer: “I am 41 years old. I have played more than 1,500 matches over 24 years. Tennis has treated me more generously than I ever would have dreamt, and now I must recognize when it is time to end my competitive career.”  See below for Roger Federer profile and retirement message. 

“ Swiss Tennis Superstar Roger Federer Announces Retirement with $550 Million Personal Fortune “


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Roger Federer Tennis Profile

Roger Federer

Roger Federer holds several ATP records and is considered to be one of the greatest tennis players of all time. The Swiss player has proved his dominance on court with 20 Grand Slam titles and 103 career ATP titles.  In 2003, he founded the Roger Federer Foundation, which is dedicated to providing education programs for children living in poverty in Africa and Switzerland.

Roger Federer:

  • Began playing tennis at age 8
  • Debuted on the ATP Tour in 1998 as a Wildcard entry in Gstaad
  • Mother is Lynette; Father is Robert; has one sister, Diana
  • Idols growing up were Stefan Edberg, Boris Becker and Pete Sampras
  • Speaks English, German, Swiss German and French
  • Married wife, Mirka Vavrinec, in 2009
  • Has four children — two sets of twins — Myla and Charlene born July 23, 2009 and Leo and Lenny born May 6, 2014
  • Founded the Roger Federer Foundation in 2003 which has invested over 28.5 million in educational programs in Africa and Switzerland, reaching out to 650,000 children.
  • Holds the record for most Grand Slam men’s singles Championships with 20 titles and has been in 30 finals as won a record 33 ATP World Tour Awards including ATP No. 1 five times from 2004-2007, 2009; won the Arthur Ashe Humanitarian of the Year twice in 2006 and 2013; won the Stefan Edberg Sportsmanship Award 12 times in 2004-2009 and 2011-2016; voted Fan Favorite for a record 14 consecutive years from 2003 to 2016
  • Has spent a record of 302 weeks at No. 1; first reached No. 1 in 2004 after winning the Australian Open by beating Marat Safin in the Finals
  • At 36 years old, he became the oldest world No. 1
  • Tied with Jimmy Connors for the 2nd most years at No. 1; Pete Sampras currently holds the record
  • Has 103 Career Singles Titles, which is the 2nd most in the Open Era just behind Jimmy Connors (who has 109 titles) and just ahead of Ivan Lendl (who has 94 titles)
  • The second player in the Open Era with 1,080+ singles wins and one of three men with 1,000+ victories (Jimmy Connors has 1,256 and Ivan Lendl has 1,071)
  • Swiss Athlete of the Year six times, 2003-2004, 2006-2007, 2012, 2014
  • Ranked by Forbes in 2011 as the 25th most powerful celebrity
  • Named by Forbes as the highest-earning tennis player off court for nine years straight by Forbes between 2007 and 2015
  • Named by the London School of Marketing as the world’s most marketable sports star in 2015
  • Served as the President on the ATP Player Council from June 2008-2014

Roger Federer Retirement Message

To my tennis family and beyond, 

Of all the gifts that tennis has given me over the years, the greatest, without a doubt, has been the people I’ve met along the way: my friends, my competitors, and most of all the fans who give the sport its life. Today, I want to share some news with all of you. 

As many of you know, the past three years have presented me with challenges in the form of injuries and surgeries. I’ve worked hard to return to full competitive form. But I also know my body’s capacities and limits, and its message to me lately has been clear. I am 41 years old. I have played more than 1500 matches over 24 years. Tennis has treated me more generously than I ever would have dreamt, and now I must recognize when it is time to end my competitive career. 

The Laver Cup next week in London will be my final ATP event. I will play more tennis in the future, of course, but just not in Grand Slams or on the tour. 

This is a bittersweet decision, because I will miss everything the tour has given me. But at the same time, there is so much to celebrate. I consider myself one of the most fortunate people on Earth. I was given a special talent to play tennis, and I did it at a level that I never imagined, for much longer than I ever thought possible. 

I would like to especially thank my amazing wife Mirka, who has lived through every minute with me. She has warmed me up before finals, watched countless matches even while over 8-months pregnant, and has endured my goofy side on the road with my team for over 20 years. I also want to thank my four wonderful children for supporting me, always eager to explore new places and creating wonderful memories along the way. Seeing my family cheering me on from the stands is a feeling I will cherish forever. 

I would also like to thank and recognize my loving parents and my dear sister, without whom nothing would be possible. A big thank you to all my former coaches who always guided me in the right direction…you have been wonderful! And to Swiss Tennis, who believed in me as a young player and gave me an ideal start. 

I really want to thank and acknowledge my amazing team, Ivan, Dani, Roland, and particularly Seve and Pierre, who have given me the best advice and have always been there for me. Also Tony, for creatively managing my business for over 17 years. You are all incredible and I have loved every minute with you. 

I want to thank my loyal sponsors, who are really like partners to me; and the hard-working teams and tournaments on the ATP Tour, who consistently welcomed all of us with kindness and hospitality. 

I would also like to thank my competitors on the court. I was lucky enough to play so many epic matches that I will never forget. We battled fairly, with passion and intensity, and I always tried my best to respect the history of the game. I feel extremely grateful. We pushed each other, and together we took tennis to new levels. 

Above all I must offer a special thank you to my unbelievable fans. You will never know how much strength and belief you have given me. The inspiring feeling of walking into full stadiums and arenas has been one of the huge thrills in my life. Without you, those successes would have felt lonely, rather than filled with joy and energy. 

The last 24 years on tour have been an incredible adventure. While it sometimes feels like it went by in 24 hours, it has also been so deep and magical that it seems as if I’ve already lived a full lifetime. I have had the immense fortune to play in front of you in over 40 different countries. I have laughed and cried, felt joy and pain, and most of all I have felt incredibly alive. Through my travels, I have met many wonderful people who will remain friends for life, who consistently took time out of their busy schedules to come watch me play and cheer me on around the globe. Thank you. 

When my love of tennis started, I was a ball kid in my hometown of Basel. I used to watch the players with a sense of wonder. They were like giants to me and I began to dream. My dreams led me to work harder and I started to believe in myself. Some success brought me confidence and I was on my way to the most amazing journey that has led to this day. 

So, I want to thank you all from the bottom of my heart, to everyone around the world who has helped make the dreams of a young Swiss ball kid come true. 

Finally, to the game of tennis: I love you and will never leave you. 

Roger Federer


Tennis legend Roger Federer announces retirement

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