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Top 30 Abbreviations in Wealth Management

Do you know all these abbreviations in Wealth Management?

IC is not Identify Card.  IC is Investment Counsellor

Wealth Management
1 WM Wealth Management
2 AM Asset Management
3 AUM Assets Under Management
4 HNWI High Net Worth Individual
5 UHNWI Ultra High Net Worth Individual
7 ETF Exchanged Traded Funds
8 UT Unit Trust
9 ILP Investment-Linked Policy
10 ELN Equity-Linked Note
11 CLN Currency-Linked Note or Credit-Linked Note
12 SP Single Premium
13 RP Regular Premium
14 FX Foreign Exchange
Job Titles
15 PB Personal Banker, Priority Banker, Premier Banker, Private Banker
16 RM Relationship Manager
17 IA Investment Advisor
18 IC Investment Counsellor
19 TA Treasury Advisor
20 IAM Independent Asset Manager
21 EAM External Asset Manager
22 CFA Chartered Financial Analyst
23 CAIA Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst
24 CFP Certified Financial Planner
25 KYC Know-Your-Customer
26 IRP Investment Risk Profiling
27 AML Anti-Money Laundering
28 IPO Initial Public Offering
29 OTC Over-the-Counter
30 M&A Merger & Acquisitions


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