Financial Crisis

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List of Economic Crisis Since 1900 – 2015

Economic crisis happens more frequently than you think.  Many recall the 2008 Global Financial Crisis and perhaps from history lesson, 1929 Great Depression.  How about the 1997 Asian Financial Crisis or the 1970s Energy Crisis?

Below is a list of Economic Crisis since 1900 – 2015:


1901 America United  States Panic of 1901
1907 America United States Panic of 1907
1920 – 1921 America United States Depression of 1920 – 21
1929 – 1939 America United States Great Depression
1939 – 1945 Europe & Asia Europe & Asia World War II
1970s Global Global 1970s Energy Crisis
1973 Global Global OPEC Oil Price Shock (1973)
1973 – 1975 Europe UK Secondary Banking Crisis & Property Crash
1979 Global Global Iranian Revolution
1980s Global Global Early 1980s Recession
1982 America Latin America Latin America Debt Crisis
1982 America Chile Crisis of 1982
1983 Middle East Israel Bank Stock Crisis
1986 – 2003 Asia Japan Japanese Asset Price Bubble
1987 Global Global Black Monday
1990s Global Global Early 1990s Recession
1990s Europe Finland Finnish Banking Crisis
1990s Europe Sweden Swedish Banking Crisis
1991 Asia India 1991 Indian Economic Crisis
1994 America Mexico 1994 Economic Crisis
1997 America Asia 1997 Asian Financial Crisis
1998 Europe Russia 1998 Russian Financial Crisis
1999 – 2002 America Argentina Argentine Economic Crisis
2000 Global Global Dot-com Bubble
2001 Global Global 911
2003 Asia Asia SARs
2008 Global Global Subprime Global Financial Crisis
2009 Europe Europe Sovereign Debt Crisis
2014 Europe Russia Russian Ruble Crisis
2015 Asia China Chinese Stock Market Crisis


If you started counting how many are there – it is a total of 31 Economic Crisis since 1900.  Which are you most familiar with?  Which similar economic crisis will occur again?

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