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50 Questions to Start the Year

Every start of the year is exciting.  New beginning, better approach, better results.  But how do you start?

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We look at 50 questions you can ask yourself to get the year going.

Managing Your Clients

#1 How many clients do you want to manage this year?

#2 How many clients can you cope effectively?

#3 Do you have a client segmentation strategy?


#4 How would you be reviewing your client’s account?

#5 How many times would you be calling / meeting them for the year?

#6 Will any of your clients have a large payout or windfall?

#7 Would there be potential exits?

#8 How much time would you be spending on finding new clients?

#9 How would you be finding new clients?

#10 Do you have a referral network?

#11 Are you growing your referral network?


Advising Clients

Private Banker calling Investment Banker

#12 Have you identified clear advisory strategies for your clients?

#13 What is your most valuable advisory strategy?

#14 Which clients are more suitable for holistic planning?

#15 Which clients would prefer product recommendations?

#16 Which clients are price sensitive?

#17 Which clients rely on peer comparison?

#18 Which clients constantly exhibit buyers’ remorse behaviour?



Relationship Manager

#19 Do you have a revenue & sales strategy?

#20 Should you focus on ad-hoc product sales or holistic product sales?

#21 Is your sales strategy sustainable?

#22 Do you have a plan to optimise your income & commissions?

#23 What are the biggest challenges for you in sales this year?

#24 Do you have a different sales strategy?



Portfolio Allocation

#25 Which financial products & brands issuers needs to be reviewed?

#26 Will there be any changes to product agreements?

#27 Are there any fee changes?

#28 Are there better financial products or brands?

#29 Do you have new tools to help you monitor and measure the products’ outcome?



#30 Do you have plans to maintain quality relationship with clients?

#31 Do you remember their birthdays?

#32 Would you be doing something for their birthdays?

#33 Is there any key holidays or events you should take note of?



#34 Are there any outstanding documentations for clients?

#35 Are there any new documentation for clients?

#36 Do you have a master listing or backup listing of your clients?



Bank of China in Shanghai / Caproasia Online

#37 Will there by any major changes in the industry?

#38 Are there any new trends, products and regulations?



#39 Will there be fierce competition in any area this year?

#40 What is your firm’s competitive advantage?

#41 What is your personal competitive advantage?



#42 Will you be learning a new product or topic?

#43 Will you be singing up for a course / examination to attend?


Systemic Risks


#44 Is your financial institution safe?

#45 Is your management team stable?

#46 Will there be major product or pricing changes?


Macro & Risks

#47 How will the global economy be like this year?

#48 Will the global financial market do well?

#49 Will your domestic economy and stock exchange do well?

#50 Will there be any major changes in regulations?


50 Questions for you to get started for the year.  Read More:


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