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What is the Value of Financial News for Wealth Managers, Advisors, Bankers and Traders?

To keep up with the global financial markets – you stay close to the latest breaking news, economic trends and financial information.

It is no wonder what keeps Wealth Managers, Advisors, Bankers and Traders busy everyday, almost 24 hours a day: Monitoring endless flow of news and data.


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But what is the real value of financial news?  Does knowing more news help?  Would that turn into better advice or investment decision?  Would that turn in more profits or returns?


“One of the funny things about the stock market is that every time one person buys, another sells, and both think they are astute”

~ William Feather


No. 1 Investment Returns

Yield Curve

Almost everyone hope to get into good investment by being in touch with the global financial market, global economy and closely monitoring the prices of equities, bonds, foreign exchange, interest rates, and all forms of financial instruments.

How can financial news provide better investment returns?

Governments release news on economic and monetary policies while businesses and companies provide updates on their latest business activities including new projects and product launches.  Having access to all these information provides early insights to what may be a good or bad investment opportunity.

Why it is difficult to generate better returns from financial news?

Most financial news are carefully crafted by professional communication teams while public-listed companies are required to do mandatory material disclosures.

This meant the financial news had already been professionally re-written, creating less possibilities of being able to interpret the actual intention of the information.

More financial news are generated by broadcasting stations with eye-catching headlines, resulting in possible overhypes or straying away from the original message.


Example of Attention Grabbing Financial News Headlines:

Now or Never – Largest Real Estate Developer in Asia Stock Price at 21 Months Low.  New Plans Announced

To create more attention on the financial news, the writer of the article or research selects the biggest drop or biggest increase from any period of (3 months to 10 years) to illustrate a potential increase or a potential decline.


What is the value of financial news for wealth managers, advisors, bankers and traders?

Investment professionals have a non-enviable role of going through endless flow of financial news releases.  Financial news are extremely difficult to decipher.

Without adequate information, it is difficult to craft an investment strategy.  But with too much information, the investment manager loses track of what he or she is trying to do.


No. 2 Conversation & Credibility

Private Banking Team
Private Banking Team

Which group of names impressed you, your colleagues or your clients more?

  1. Warren Buffett, George Soros and Benjamin Graham
  2. Janet Yellen, Zhou Xiaochuan and Mario Draghi

Warren Buffet is a household name, while George Soros and Benjamin Graham provides a little more depth on your financial knowledge.

How can financial news create better conversation & credibility?

What separates you from the rest, is for example, keeping in touch with the latest financial news on the Governor of the Central Banks in key countries.  Closely watched are their statements which greatly affect economy policies and impacting the stock market and capital market.

2016 Central Bank Governors:

  • Janet Yellen (Federal Reserve Central Bank Governor)
  • Zhou Xiaochuan (People’s Bank of China)
  • Mario Draghi (President of the European Central Bank)

All these simply help you to have a quality conversation with your clients and colleagues.  Reassuring  them that you know what you are doing and you are in touch with the financial market.


Why financial news may not create better conversation and credibility?

Your financial news may not be the latest nor the most accurate.  As the conversation goes, opinions drop in and inevitably, forecasts and trends come in.  Your colleagues and clients are bound to disagree with you.  (And most banks, investment firms & brokerages disagree with one another on the forecasted financial instrument price 12 months later)

Worst, what translates into actions on the financial news, are clearly seen in the portfolio performance months or years later.  Any negative performance or under-performance relative to alternatives, would invite scrutiny of the original interpretation of financial news and investments. These might create a dent in credibility.

What is the value of financial news in creating good conversation and having credibility?

Between not having and having, it is assumed that everyone would prefer to have access to financial news – to what constitutes as making an informed decision.  But are you after returns or are you after good & sound investment decision?


No. 3 Generating Trading Profits

Financial Market
Financial Market

For Treasury Specialists, Traders and Hedge Fund Managers whom often take a shorter term duration on investments, or might be actively trading, financial news is everything to them.

Fund Managers, Portfolio Managers or Institutional Investors may take 3 – 10 years view on investments, and do not realise profits regularly.

But for Treasury Specialists, Traders and Hedge Fund Managers, taking profits regularly, sometimes even every minute, hours or in a day means they must interpret financial information and data with high precision.

How can financial news help in trading profits?

If there is no news, there isn’t any active trading volume or price movements.  This means the price will stay likely the same and the cost of transaction might go up (where bid and offer spread typically widens for less liquid asset prices).

With more financial news, more investors (both retail & institutions), will follow closely, bringing rise to hopes (profiting) and analysis on being able to invest (long or short) or to time the investments (choosing the right entry timing).

With more trading volume and investment amount, trading profits can then be realised regularly.

Why financial news might not help in trading profits?

To generate trading profits, someone has to suffer a financial “loss” – and you might be the one.

What is the value of financial news in generating trading profits?

Almost everything.  Interpreting correctly can transform millions and billions to generate 1% to 100% daily.  In other words, $100 Million can turn into $101 Million or $200 Million the next day.


No. 4 Risks Management


For all the focus on generating more business, returns and profits, financial news provides exemplary information to improve risk management.

How can financial news help in risks management?

Having access to a possible lock-down on capital in a country could mean an immediate attention to existing investments, trading positions or credit policies.  This means adjusting plans to liquidate, exit, write down or change in credit or risk policies to account for the increased risks.

Vice-versa, it could also mean a profiteering opportunity to take in distressed assets or to increase positions.  The information could also be disseminated to allow clients or fellow colleagues to decide and analyse the short-term and long-term risks that may come with the financial news.

Why financial news might not help in risks management?

Risks management is usually associated with measuring risks.  Is the financial news relevant, impactful or factually trustworthy that can help to change risks management policies?  Would the people have the foresight or the knowledge sufficient to understand the impact of the financial news?

In other words, any positive outcome in the risks management can only be seen when the financial news outcome is fully known.  This can take many years.


What is the value of financial news in risks management?

You can’t manage risks without relevant information.  With access to financial news, correlation and forecasts can now be empirically calculated.  Simulations can then be conducted in different scenarios, and thereafter,  decisions can then be made based on the risks management approach.


So what is the value of financial news for you?  Are you a Wealth Manager, Advisor, Banker or Trader?

Does having access to financial news help you in:

  1. Generating Investment Returns
  2. Having Conversation and Building Credibility
  3. Generating Trading Profits
  4. Implementing Risks Management


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