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What Top Wealth Managers Do During Weekends

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What Top Wealth Managers Do During Weekends

Most Wealth Managers are self-driven, not because they are naturally so, but the role simply requires them to be so.

While many people spend their weekends relaxing, chilling out or going on a holiday, top Wealth Managers, especially at the beginning of their career, work incredibly hard.

Except if you already have the multi-millionaires or billionaire contacts, perhaps it is interesting to look at some of their activities:

No.1 Networking

Private Banking Event

Starting out is tough, especially if you join a financial institution or firm without a ready portfolio or client base.

Many work their way through in the initial years networking a lot, weekdays and weekends.  Over the years, it does become more interesting doing networking as their client base had grown, thus having less pressure on why they are networking.


No. 2 Roadshows

Affluent Clients

Since everyone is busy working on weekdays, what better time to prospect for new clients – the weekends.

Banks, Brokerages, Independent FAs, Insurance Co. and even sometimes Fund Management firms organise their conferences, events and roadshows during the weekend to get to their target clients.


No. 3 Cold Calls

Personal Banker Working Hard

It is a competitive market.  If you have $10 Million assets, you have no lack of advisors chasing after you.

Many Top Wealth Managers are so good at making conversations and calling people today, because they started out their career doing cold-calling.  They leave nothing to chance, not awaiting a warm lead to turn into a client.  They continue to build their database, and take the opportunity at any time, to do random calling.  And since weekends is a lot less busy for anyone to pick up a call, they call during weekends.


No. 4 Administrative Work

Credit Ratings

Getting organized is important.  Keeping clients database and potential meetings and sales opportunity is as important.  Top Wealth Managers spend their time during weekends doing their administration.  They are always organised for success.  Since financial work is already tedious, being meticulous and having minimal errors allow them to focus on relationship building, getting new clients and obviously a bigger pay check.


No. 5 Learning

Investment Conference

While being good at talking gets something going, top Wealth Managers dedicate a lot time to learning.

They know they have to differentiate themselves, not only by delivering quality services, but also by building top-notched advisory knowledge that value-add to the advisory process, that truly makes a distinctive difference to clients.


No. 6 Reading

CEO of Private Banking

Top Wealth Managers seems to be so good and smooth at doing everything because they not only learn a lot, but they read alot.  From sales to financial knowledge, and to just about every little trivial matter …. … just so that they can connect to everyone.


No. 7 Courses

Private Banking Management Associate

And of course, not forgetting they believe in learning by investing heavily into quality courses.


No. 8 Movies

Priority Banker

It’s not all work and no play, they watch tons of movies too – Financial Movies.

Recommended Movies:



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