Famous Birthday in August

George Soros

3George Soros

Birthdate: 12th August 1930

Chairman of Soros Fund Management

Famous for: “The Man who broke the Bank of England.”  He shorted US$10 billion of pounds and made a profit of $1 billion in 1992.

Alma mater: London School of Economics

Net worth: US$24.2 billion (2015 estimates)


Janet Yellen

2Janet Yellen

Birthdate: 13th August 1946

Chair of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System

Famous for: The first woman to hold the Chair of the Federal Reserve Board of Governors.  She was sworn in on 3rd February 2014.

Alma mater: Brown University, Yale University


Warren Buffett

1Warren Buffett

Birthdate: 30th August 1930

Chairman and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway

Famous for: “Oracle of Omaha.”  He made famous “value investing” by focusing on fundamental and securities analysis.

Alma mater: University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Columbia Business School

Net worth: US$67 billion (2015 estimates)

Source: Forbes & Wikipedia