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List of Economic Crisis Since 1900 – 2015

Economic crisis happens more frequently than you think.  Many recall the 2008 Global Financial Crisis and perhaps from history lesson, 1929 Great Depression.  How about the 1997 Asian Financial Crisis or the 1970s Energy Crisis?

Below is a list of Economic Crisis since 1900 – 2015:


1901AmericaUnited  StatesPanic of 1901
1907AmericaUnited StatesPanic of 1907
1920 – 1921AmericaUnited StatesDepression of 1920 – 21
1929 – 1939AmericaUnited StatesGreat Depression
1939 – 1945Europe & AsiaEurope & AsiaWorld War II
1970sGlobalGlobal1970s Energy Crisis
1973GlobalGlobalOPEC Oil Price Shock (1973)
1973 – 1975EuropeUKSecondary Banking Crisis & Property Crash
1979GlobalGlobalIranian Revolution
1980sGlobalGlobalEarly 1980s Recession
1982AmericaLatin AmericaLatin America Debt Crisis
1982AmericaChileCrisis of 1982
1983Middle EastIsraelBank Stock Crisis
1986 – 2003AsiaJapanJapanese Asset Price Bubble
1987GlobalGlobalBlack Monday
1990sGlobalGlobalEarly 1990s Recession
1990sEuropeFinlandFinnish Banking Crisis
1990sEuropeSwedenSwedish Banking Crisis
1991AsiaIndia1991 Indian Economic Crisis
1994AmericaMexico1994 Economic Crisis
1997AmericaAsia1997 Asian Financial Crisis
1998EuropeRussia1998 Russian Financial Crisis
1999 – 2002AmericaArgentinaArgentine Economic Crisis
2000GlobalGlobalDot-com Bubble
2008GlobalGlobalSubprime Global Financial Crisis
2009EuropeEuropeSovereign Debt Crisis
2014EuropeRussiaRussian Ruble Crisis
2015AsiaChinaChinese Stock Market Crisis

Source: Caproasia Institute

If you started counting how many are there – it is a total of 31 Economic Crisis since 1900.  Which are you most familiar with?  Which similar economic crisis will occur again?

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