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2015 Singapore Fund Management at a Glance

Unit Trust, Mutual Fund & Exchanged Traded Funds – these are increasingly popular investment instruments.  Without buying, selling or managing a portfolio of stocks, many investors can rely on the expertise of a Fund Manager to manage their portfolio.

When it comes to selecting a global equity fund, emerging market fund or a single country fund such as China or India, there is no lack of options.

In Singapore, Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) announced in 2015 a total managed assets of $2.43 Trillion, up from $1.83 Trillion a year ago.  There are 35 leading fund management companies in Singapore.  Collectively, they manage a total of $20.62 Trillion assets.

The leading 29 stock exchanges in the world have a combined listed market capitalisation of $66 Trillion in 2015.

More Industry Statistics:



  • Fund Manager: Professionally Managed Financial Investments (Unit Trust, Mutual Funds)
  • Asset Manager: Professionally Managed Investments including Private Equity, Real Estate.

Here, we focus on Fund Management activities.  Although firms such as Blackrock Investment Management have a substantial Private Equity business which inevitably, increased the AUM.  Fund Management and Asset Management are often used interchangeably, and subject to local regulatory definitions.


Quick Glance

  1. Fast Facts
  2. Top 10 Fund Management Co. in Singapore by Global AUM
  3. 10 Fast-Growing Fund Management Co. in Singapore
  4. Top 10 Largest AUM Per Employee
  5. Top 10 Highest Quality AUM Per Employee
  6. Country of Origin
  7. The Founders
  8. List of 35 Fund Management Co. in Singapore



No. 1 – Fast Facts

  • The 35 Fund Management Co. manages a total AUM of $20.6 Trillion
  • They hire a global workforce of 121,915 employees
  • The average employee manages $169 Million
  • Blackrock Investment Management manages $4.52 Trillion, 22.88% of AUM in this list
  • Manulife Asset Management’s employees oversee $835 Million per employee.
  • Fidelity Investments’ employees oversee $50 Million per employee
  • 22 of the 35 firms are based in United States, United Kingdom and Singapore.
  • 7 of the 35 firms are founded by a single individual


No. 2 – Top 10 Fund Management Co. in Singapore by Global AUM

Portfolio Allocation
Portfolio Allocation

Singapore held a total managed assets of $2.42 Trillion in 2015 while the leading 29 global stock exchanges have a total listed market capitalisation of $66 Trillion.

Blackjack Investment Management leads the way with $4.72 Trillions AUM.  Fidelity Investments, JP Morgan Asset Management, PIMCO Investment Management, Deutsche Asset Management and Amundi Asset Management on the list also crossed the trillion asset mark.

Fund Management Co.AUM (US$)
Blackrock Investment Management$4.72 Trillion
Fidelity Investments$2.06 Trillion
JP Morgan Asset Management$1.7 Trillion
PIMCO Investment Management$1.52 Trillion
Deutsche Asset Management$1.28 Trillion
Amundi Asset Management$1.01 Trillion
Franklin Templeton Investments$898 Billion
Legg Mason Asset Management$696 Billion
UBS Asset Management$650 Billion
BNP Paribas Investment Partners$642 Billion


No. 3 – 10 Smallest Fund Management Co. in Singapore by Global AUM



Not always bigger is better.  Below is a list of the smallest Fund Management Co. by global AUM with strong presence in Singapore.

Fund Management Co.AUM (US$)
Phillip Capital Management$1.8 Billion
Horizon Asset Management$9.2 Billion
Fullerton Fund Management$10. Billion
CIMB Principal Asset Management$12.37 Billion
UOB Asset Management$20.4 Billion
Permal Investment Management$22 Billion
Lion Global Investors$25.9 Billion
Pinebridge Investments$77.7 Billion
Man Investment Management$78.8 Billion
Henderson Global Investors$129.1 Billion


No. 4 – Top 10 Largest AUM Per Employee

Fund Management
Fund Management

Using total AUM of the Fund Management Co. against employees count, Manulife Asset Management employ the least people to run the business – average of $835 Million per employee.

More details below:

Fund Management Co.AUM (US$) Per Employee
Manulife Asset Management$835 Million
Nikko Asset Management$833 Million
PIMCO Investment Management$760 Million
Natixis Asset Management$537 Million
Blackrock Investment Management$393 Million
Aviva Global Investors$375 Million
Amundi Asset Management$273 Million
First State Investments$272 Million
UBS Asset Management$271 Million
Threadneedle Investment$243 Million


No. 5 – Top 10 Highest Quality AUM Per Employee

Using total AUM of the Fund Management Co. against employees count, Fidelity Investments employ the most people to run the business – average of $50 Million per employee.

More details below:

Fund Management Co.AUM (US$) Per Employee
Fidelity Investments$50 Million
Eastspring Investments$67 Million
Man Investment Management$73 Million
Pinebridge Investments$78 Million
Phillip Capital Management$90 Million
Fullerton Fund Management$94 Million
Franklin Templeton Investments$100 Million
Permal Investment Management$110 Million
Horizon Asset Management$115 Million
Neuberger Berman Asset Management$116 Million


No. 6 – Country of Origin

Shanghai Pudong City Building
Shanghai Pudong City Building

Out of the 35 Fund Management Co. with strong presence in Singapore, 22 out of 35 are based in leading financial centres such as New York, London and Singapore.

The complete country domiciled breakdown below.

United States1131.43%
United Kingdom720.00%


No. 7 – Founders

Out of the 35 Fund Management Co., 15 are founded by individuals while the rest were part of a bank, insurance or brokerage.  Fund Management is a natural business extension of bank, insurance and brokerage.  Individuals have a harder time raising capital, building reputation and setting up distribution channel.

Number of Founders (non-bank, non-insurance, non-brokerage) of Fund Management Companies below.  7 of the Fund Management Companies were founded by a single individual.  3 firms were founded by 3 partners.

Sidetone: There are mergers and breakups on Fund Management Co. over with our analysis dating back to 1783.

No. of FoundersNo. of Fund Management Co.

No. 8 – The List of 35 Fund Management Co. in Singapore

List of 35 Fund Management Co. in this review below.  These are the leading Fund Mgmt Co. with strong presence in Singapore. The full list: 35 Fund Management Co.

*All Data in USD


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