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Famous Birthdays in January Week 2

What happens if your client’s birthday is the same as celebrities like Jackie Chan, Jet Li, Michael Jackson, Taylor Swift or President Obama or President Xi Jinping?


The list of famous birthdays during January Week 3 (15th – 21st)

Stephen HawkingStephen Hawking Thumbnail

Birth Date: 8th January 1942

Birth Place: Oxford, England, United Kingdom

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Education: California Institute of Technology, University of Cambridge, Gonville & Caius College, Oxford University

Full Name: Stephen William Hawking

Who is he?

Leading Physicist, Cosmologist and Author.  His scientific work on Blackholes is called the Hawking Radiation.  His book: A Brief History of Time appeared on the British Sunday Times for a record-breaking 237 weeks for the best seller list.  He suffers from amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), that has gradually paralysed him.


Elvis Presley (1935 – 1977)Elvis Presley Thumbnail

Birth Date: 8th January 1935

Birth Place: Tupelo, Mississippi

Education: Humes High School

Full Name: Stephen William Hawking

Nick Name: King of Rock ‘n’ Roll

Who is he?

Musician & Actor and is the biggest name in rock ‘n’ roll.  Known as “The King of Rock n’ Roll,” he rose to prominence in the late 1950’s, becoming a legendary presence in cultural history and the best-selling solo artist in the history of pop. He released such #1 singles as “Hound Dog,” “Jailhouse Rock,” and “Stuck on You.”


Kim Jong-un (1935 – 1977)Kim Jong un Thumbnail

Birth Date: 8th January 1983

Birth Place: Pyongyang, North Korea

Education: Kim Il-sung University

Who is he?

Supreme Leader of North Korea on 17th December 2011 at 29 years old.  He is world’s youngest head of state in history at that point in time.


Kate MiddletonKate Middleton Thumbnail

Birth Date: 9th January 1982

Birth Place: Reading, England, United Kingdom

Education: Down House, University of St. Andrews, St. Andrew’s Prep School, Marlborough College

Full Name: Catherine Elizabeth Middleton

Who is he?

She is Her Royal Highness the Duchess of Cambridge and is married to Prince William, Duke of Cambridge of United Kingdom.


Richard Nixon (1913 – 1994)Richard Nixon Thumbnail

Birth Date: 9th January 1913

Birth Place: Yorba Linda, California

Education: Whittier College, Duke University School of Law

Full Name: Richard Milhous Nixon

Who is he?

President of United States in 1969 – 1974.  He resigned in 1974 because of the Watergate affair rather than be impeached for covering up illegal activities of party members.


Rod StewardRod Steward Thumbnail

Birth Date: 10th January 1945

Birth Place: London, England, United Kingdom

Education: Highgate Primary School, William Grimshaw Secondary Modern School

Full Name: Roderick David Stewart

Who is he?

A British singer-songwriter  where the song “Maggie May” became his first hit single in 1971. Other hit songs include “Tonight’s the Night” (1976), “Do Ya Think I’m Sexy?” (1978) and “Have I Told You Lately” (1993).


Alexander Hamilton (1755 – 1804)Alexander Hamilton Thumbnail

Birth Date: 11th January 1755

Birth Place: Nevis, British West Indies (Caribbean Islands)

Education: Columbia University, King’s College

Full Name: Alexander Hamilton

Who is he?

Known as the Founding Father of United States of America, he became General George Washington’s assistant in 1777.  From 1789 to 1795, he served as the nation’s first secretary.


Orlando BloomOrlando Bloom Thumbnail

Birth Date: 13th January 1977

Birth Place: Canterbury, England, United Kingdom

Education: Guildhall School of Music and Drama, British American Drama Academy, The King’s School, Canterbury, St. Edmund’s School

Full Name: Orlando Jonathan Blanchard Bloom

Who is he?

An actor with starring roles in “The Lord of the Rings” Trilogy, “Pirates of the Caribbean”, “Troy” and “The Three Musketeers”.


Salmon P. ChaseSalmon Portland Chase Thumbnail

Birth Date: 13th January 1808

Birth Place: Cornish, New Hampshire

Full Name: Salmon Portland Chase

Who is he?

As Secretary of the Treasury, he implemented the National Banking Act. In 1864, he became chief justice of the Supreme Court. D.C. Chase National Bank was named after him years later, in recognition of his financial accomplishments.  Chase National Bank merged with Bank of the Manhattan Company in 1955 to form Chase Manhattan Bank.  In 2000, it merged with J.P. Morgan & Co. to form JP Morgan Chase Bank



Credits: Biography & Famous Birthdays

We get curious questions why we track popular people and their birthdays which are non-related to wealth management, financial markets and investments.

Here are 10 reasons why:

  1. Clients don’t care about complex solutions, neither can they understand them.
  2. There are hundreds of banks and thousands of wealth managers, your solution is not the best, and may be the worst.
  3. If they don’t like you, no matter how low your fees are or how good your solution is, they will not listen to you.
  4. No matter how expert you are, you need to find a willing listener.
  5. A good conversation is different from a real conversation.
  6. Every sales pitch starts with an ice breaker, that sounds real.
  7. You can’t accurately predict financial market, so keep those conversation short.
  8. If you need an excuse to be personable & emotional, linking to famous people you know always help.
  9. There is no better connections than birthday connections.
  10. And there is no better announcement than having the same birthdays as Michael Jackson, Taylor Swift, Jet Li, Jackie Chan. | The leading financial website for financial professionals, professional investors and HNW investors. Covering capital markets, investments and private wealth in Asia. How do you invest $3 million to $300 million? How do you manage $20 million to $3 billion of assets? Quicklinks: Caproasia Access | TFC | Caproasia | Jobs

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