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9 Reasons why you became a Wealth Manager or Financial Advisor

Have you ever wondered why you became or wanted to become a Wealth Manager?  For interests in finance & investments?  The flexibility & freedom? For money?

Find out the top reasons why you became a Wealth Manager or Financial Advisor:

No. 1 Money

Financial Times
Financial Times

Money is often the top reason.  Being able to take a $10,000 monthly paycheque is unheard for most people, especially in the early 20s.

There are few jobs in the world that gets you the chance to earn such a high salary.  Not forgetting the ones that managed to earn more than $1 Million annually in their 20s.   Were you tempted by money when you chose this career option?


No. 2 Interests in Finance & Investments


Finance & Investments are boring to many, but exciting to a few. Being able to talk like a financial wizard on Stocks, Bonds, Unit Trust, FX, Insurance, Options, Futures and more. Managing thousands, millions and hundred of millions is a dream to many, but a reality to Wealth Managers and Financial Advisors.

Trusted by friends and clients, you get to put your knowledge into practice.  You share your sophisticated financial, investments and wealth management knowledge to your clients, protecting and growing their wealth.  You guide and help them to make the most important financial decisions in life.

Alongside the way, you managed to craft a prudent financial plan for yourself.  Is this why you became a Wealth Manager?


No. 3 Flexibility and Freedom

Young Couple
Young Couple

Spending more time on your bed in the morning, waking up later and having breakfast with your family.  Plan your own time in meeting clients and going to office.  Not a weekday person?  Prefer to work on weekend instead so that you can enjoy the Monday to Friday doing shopping with almost no crowd?

Not many jobs offer such time flexibility and freedom.  Be it your first career, mid-career switch or late-career switch, such a flexible schedule tempts many to switch into becoming a Wealth Manager or Financial Advisor.


No. 4 The Glamour

Lexus IS 300h
Lexus IS 300h

Being a Wealth Manager or Financial Advisor may be tough, but the ones that become successful or at least above average take home a much higher income than their peers.

This means they are more likely to afford the Mercedes and BMW, or taking a luxurious long holiday.  For those that work in banks, it adds another layer of prestige to the job.


No. 5 Not Knowing what to do

Where do I start?
Where do I start?

For all the right and rational reasons, some got into the role accidentally.  They didn’t know what to do and somehow cleared the examinations, talk to clients, grew client base and sales swiftly.  Unknowingly, they did well and after 5 years, and become one of the top performers in the industry.

Do you belong here? Or do you wish you are here?


No. 6 Peer Pressure


Fresh out from school or having friends that seem to be doing so well in the financial advisory and wealth management industry, some had took the risks and plunged into the sector because of peer pressure.

The pressure to keep up with the joneses (social benchmark), being able to have the money and afford the time to hangout, chill out or do something expensive together.

Did you get into the job because of this?


No. 7 Sold into the Job

Wealth Management Services
Wealth Management Services

The reason why some Wealth Managers or Financial Advisors are earning hundreds of thousands or million dollars is because they are great communicators.  They are very good in have a conversation, selling, creating needs, building trust, getting you to believe in something and acting on it today.

You may have met one of them, and that is why you are now a Wealth Manager or Financial Advisor today.


No. 8 Easy to get in / No other jobs


Other than regulatory academic qualifications and examinations, it is relatively easy to get a job as a Wealth Manager or Financial Advisor, especially in non-banks institution.

Because some don’t offer a basic salary, it is easy for them to make the hiring decision.  It is mutually beneficially as you get to pick up some working experience and in the financial industry that than help you succeed as a Wealth Manager / Financial Advisor, or to find a relevant role in the future.


No. 9 Family Tradition


Historically, some Private Bankers pass on their portfolio to their children or relatives. Since Private Banking is about relationship and connections, it is easier to ease into the network within the circle of family and friends.

Similarly, Wealth Managers and Financial Advisors build up a substantial client base over time.  The number of clients can range from 50 to 1,000 for the average advisor while the portfolio size can range from a few millions to hundred of millions.

Are you lucky to be here?  Or are you feeling the pressure of living up to the standards?


How about you?  How did you become a Wealth Manager or Financial Advisor?  Would you be a Wealth Manager or Financial Advisor for the rest of your life?

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