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What is the Value of Fund Managers for Wealth Managers?

Wealth Managers expect Fund Managers to perform better than the market.  But this doesn’t seem to be the case.


Common Spotlight on Investments Funds:

  • “Index Fund Investing Beats Fund Managers’ performances”
  • “Funds Suffer Another Quarterly Loss”

As the consumer has increased access to financial information, Wealth Managers are caught between recommending the value of Fund Managers and clients’ similar observations on the poor performance of Fund Managers relative to benchmark.

We revisit the Value of Fund Managers for Wealth Managers:

No. 1 Premium Investment Services, Not Investment Advantage

Portfolio Advisory
Portfolio Advisory

When Wealth Managers suggest clients invest into Unit Trusts – managed by professional Fund Managers, they are really buying into premium investment services, not investment returns advantage.


Many wealth & investment professionals attempt to pick out the best-performing Fund Managers, this is usually ineffective over time.

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No. 2 Access to Quality & Trusted Professional Fund Management Services

Head of Wealth Management
Head of Wealth Management

It may seem a little disappointing to know that Fund Managers do not have investment returns advantage, and is only a premium investment services.  This is not the case.  Fund Managers give you access to quality & trusted professional fund management services.

What Professional Fund Managers deliver for you:

  • Strong global & financial & economic knowledge
  • Advanced financial infrastructure to monitor, manage and execute investments globally
  • Strong reporting standards and systems to safeguard investors interests
  • Global and varied investment opportunities
  • Regular financial market updates and guidance
  • Continuity and sustainability in peoples’ leadership and renewal


No. 3 Simple & Easy For You

Personal Banker
Personal Banker

Financial market is complex.  Fund Managers keep things simple & easy for you.  Maybe you are good in investments:

  • You could construct a portfolio
  • You know how to buy stocks from United States, United Kingdom, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore and even Brazil and Indonesia


  • Can you buy a portfolio of diversified bonds?
  • How do you manage foreign exchange, interest rate and credit risk?
  • How much time does it take to diversify $10,000 into 10 or 30 stocks or bonds?
  • What happens if there is a rights issue, default or bankruptcy?
  • How do you value the individual security when there is a capital control or new tax implementation?


Fund Managers keep all these questions and answers away from you.  You don’t even have to deal with it.  Fund Managers do the professional investment management, while you focus on delivering wealth advice to your clients.


No. 4 Time is Important For Everyone

Wealthy Asian Family
Wealthy Asian Family

The value of a Wealth Manager is not only providing clients with financial know-how, advisory and execution.  Saving time and delegating the money management responsibility to you means your client can focus on their life.

No. of Clients Per Advisor in Different Client Segment:

Client SegmentNo. of Clients
Mass Market500 – 2000
Mass Affluent300 – 500
Affluent80 – 300
High Net-worth20 – 80
Ultra High Net-worth10 to 30

Similarly, when you delegate the investment responsibility to the Fund Manger, you free up your time.

You can spend time advising the many clients you have alongside work activities such as Portfolio & Client Management, Continuous Learning and Administration.

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No. 5 Professional Assurance 


Without fail (almost), you will be receiving regular updates on the investments, news & analysis on global financial market and updated portfolio valuation and status.

This process is backed up by a strong regulatory adherence standard as well as extensive infrastructure investment to ensure accuracy and up-to-date information.  Fund Management activities are usually heavily regulated in developed financial markets such as United States, United Kingdom, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan and Australia.

This gives clients and wealth managers assurance that incidents of money mis-management and poor oversight are greatly reduced.


No. 6 Global Investment Access

Relationship Managers
Relationship Managers

Do you have time to monitor and analyse every global economic and financial trends?


Global Investment Table:

Asset ClassRegionSectorTheme
Cash EquivalentsGlobalFinancialGlobal
EquitiesAmericaTechnologyDeveloped Market
BondsSouth AmericaConsumerEmerging Market
CommoditiesEuropeIndustrialIndexed Linked
Real EstateEastern EuropeInfrastuctureLarge Capitalization
Alternative InvestmentsMiddle EastTelecommunicationsMid-Sized Capitalization
Asia-PacificCommoditiesSmall & Medium Sized
North AsiaProperty
South AsiaAgriculture
Single Country

Fund Managers not only take the work away from you, but also provide you a variety of global investment options from investing into stocks or bonds, to choosing countries such as China, Russia, a globally diversified fund or selecting sector or theme specific investment options.


Do you prefer to manage your clients’ assets directly or rely on a Fund Manager?  Is your Fund Manager providing value to you?  What is the value of Fund Manager to you?

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