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Is there Career Prospect as a Personal Banker?

Are you a fresh graduate or a few years in your career?  Thinking about switching to the financial sector?

Getting into Investment Banking, Private Banking, Trading, Fund Management is not easy.  These are the most sought after roles, and the “premium” jobs in the financial sector.

Unfortunately, you will likely end up doing operational roles for many years, that is if you are lucky to get in.  Read More: 5 Dream Jobs of New Graduates in the Financial Industry

It is not difficult to narrow your final choices to: Financial Advisor or Personal Banker.  And it is even easier to choose between the two as being a Personal Banker just sounds more cool and prestigious than a Financial Advisor.  After all, you are working in the bank.


So What Exactly is a Personal Banker?  

” A Personal Banker provides financial advice to customers in the bank. The range of financial products include unit trust, bonds, equities, structured products, currencies, insurance-linked products, deposits and loans.

For example, a client steps into the bank with a sum of $50,000 and would like to earn some interests or returns, a Personal Banker will provide a range of financial products that is suitable for the client. ”

But is there career prospect as a Personal Banker?

Yes … maybe no.  But many moved into the following:

  • 50% quit in 9 Months
  • Priority Bankers
  • Investment Advisors
  • Loan Specialists
  • Insurance Specialists
  • Independent Financial Advisors
  • Operations (KYC, Compliance, Settlements, Treasury)
  • Branch Managers
  • Customer Service Managers
  • Real Estate Agents
  • Others

What do you think?  Is there career prospect as a Personal Banker?

Learn More about being a Personal Banker

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